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New Building Suite L2.63.00
Last Updated 10.06.2014

Joseph Laub CIO 212-484-1108 Email
Ken Ihrer CTO 212-237-8789 Email
Sherry Gibson Executive Assistant to the CIO / Office Manager 212-237-8643 Email
Mary Lee Administrative Assistant 646-557-4594 Email



524 West 59th street, Suite L2.63.00, New York, NY 10019

Client Services
Louis Perillo Director 212-237-8212 Email
Stephanie Jasmin CUNYfirst Training Liaison 646-557-4411 Email


Technical Support Services
Douglas Toppin Deputy Director, Client Services 212-237-8209 Email
Anthony Chambers Technical Support / Cabler 212-237-8202 Email
Ariel Sanchez Technical Support 212-237-8522 Email
Belki Serrano Technical Support 212-237-8585 Email
Daniel Baez Technical Support 212-237-8219 Email
Frank Madar Technical Support 212-237-8208 Email
Howard Syblis Technical Support 646-557-4480 Email
Leonard Weithers Technical Support 212-237-8218 Email


Help Desk
Help Desk User Support & Help Desk Services 212-237-8200 Email
Frank Giummo Helpdesk Supervisor 646-557-4686 Email
Alexis Gines Helpdesk Support 212-237-8200 Email
Alexander Smith Helpdesk Support 212-237-8200 Email
Daniel Cheung Helpdesk Support 212-237-8200 Email
James Holloway Helpdesk Support 212-237-8200 Email
Lucille Boatwright Helpdesk Support 212-237-8200 Email
Tenaria McKoy Helpdesk Support 212-237-8200 Email


Network / Research Development
O'Neil Hinds Director Networking and Telecomminications 212-484-1365 Email
Kevin Silva Senior System Engineer 212-484-1307 Email
Kenneth Wong System Administrator 646-557-4571 Email
Mohammad Mannan System Administrator 212-393-6330 Email
Tapasvi Sehgal System Administrator 212-484-1389 Email


Patrick Alvarez(Chico) Telecommunications Manager 212-237-8206 Email
Sagar Sharma Telecommunications Assistant 212-484-1105 Email
Clivens Saint Jean Telecommunications Assistant 646-557-4071 Email


Computer Applications Development
Juan Baez Programming Manager 212-237-8811 Email
Mainframe / Programming
Roselyn Blassberger Mainframe Programmer 212-237-8217 Email
Lola Gamz Mainframe Programmer 212-237-8021 Email


Web Development / Client Based Systems
Ana Giron Web Designer / Developer 212-484-1334 Email
Elvis Boansi Web Developer 646-557-4482 Email
Sabina Eng Web Developer 646-557-4592 Email
Steven Fulakeza Web Developer 646-557-4694 Email


Classroom Lab Support Services

524 West 59th street, Suite L2.73.00, New York, NY 10019

C.L.S.S Department Contact 212-237-8047 Email
Raymond Jiggetts Director / Academic Systems Administrator 212-237-8958 Email


Systems Administration
Jordan L. Mayer CTS Systems Administrator 646-557-4404 Email


Professional Development
Margaret Murphy Lab Manager / Support Specialist 212-237-8045 Email
Suzette Sancho Assistant Lab Manager / Professional Development Coordinator 646-557-4892 Email
David Eng Professional Development Scheduling Program Coordinator 212-237-8216 Email


Blackboard Support / Distance Learning
B. Adrian Peters Blackboard / Distance Learning Student Support 646-557-4644 Email


Student Technology Fee Program
Yvette Fibleuil Student Technology Fee Program Coordinator 212-237-8227 Email


Classroom Technology Services (CTS)
Zenobia Petersen EMSC Manager/CTS Supervisor 646-557-4598 Email
Dwight Scott CTS Supervisor 212-484-1172 Email


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