The term "Key Run" refers to Public Safety personnel responding to a request to unlock or lock a door for an authorized person. This can be accomplished by calling the Department of Public Safety at extension 8524, the Public Safety desk in the building the key run is requested, or by going directly to the Public Safety desk. When an officer responds to conduct the key run, the requestor must present a validated ID card to the officer and sign the “Key Run” card.

Faculty and Staff:
Faculty and Staff requesting a key run to their assigned office space must present a current validated ID card. An individual requesting a key run to an office space other than his/her own must obtain written authorization from the person the office space is assigned to or the Director or Chairperson of the department.

Students that are executive members of a club such as the President, Vice-President, Secretary, or Treasurer may be issued keys and request key runs to their assigned office space. The student must first obtain written authorization or have a key run card signed by the Director of Student Life, or the Dean of Students. All other students are not authorized to request key runs.