Access Control System


The lobby of each building is equipped with turnstiles, gates or an electronic lock to control access to the building. Affixed to each unit is a card reader linked to the John Jay ID card, which is issued to every student, faculty, and staff member. To activate the device, the user passes his/her card about three (3) inches above the reader and an audible beep will sound. In addition, a red LED located on the top of the turnstile will change to green indicating authorized access. After using the card and the reader indicates recognition, the user can walk through the rotating bar or open gate. The ID card is not required to exit the building, as the turnstiles are free wheeling upon departure. One turn is allowed per use of card and the turnstile locks after each use. An individual attempting to double swipe for another individual will be subject to disciplinary action.


The access control system supports the needs of individuals with physical disabilities whose card is programmed to release the gates. To operate the gate, the user can pass the card in front of the reader and the gate will release. Upon leaving, the user must once again pass the card over the reader and the gate will release. The gates are restricted to persons with special needs and are not to be used by the general population. Cards are programmed by the Department of Public Safety pursuant to requests made by the Office of Accessibility Services. If a person has a temporary need, he/she should contact the Office of Accessibility Services, located in Room L.66.01 (ext.8031) or the Department of Public Safety to have his or her card programmed for gate access.

In the event of a fire alarm, power outage, or other urgent situation, the access control system will automatically deactivate. All turnstiles will become free wheeling and all gates will release. In the event of any other type of emergency, the gates and turnstiles will be manually released by the desk officer.


In order for the access control system to operate efficiently, compliance and cooperation are essential. The following is a list of rules governing our access policy:

1. All members of the college community must possess a valid John Jay ID card with a current sticker (stickers availabled in the Public Safety Office).

2. Each person entering the College should use his/her card to enter through the appropriate access device (turnstile or gate). To ensure speed of entry and to avoid any backlog, each person should have his/her card ready to use before approaching the turnstile. Never punch a hole in the card. This could damage the chip, rendering the card inactive.

3. If an individual forgets or loses his/her card, to gain access to the building he/she must stop at the Public Safety desk. The officer will verify the individual's status, grant him or her access to the building. If th ID is lost they will be directed to obtain a replacement ID card (see id schedule).

4. If an individual's card is stolen, the incident must be reported to the Department of Public Safety located in Room L2.61 as soon as possible. The lost card will be deactivated and a new card will be issued during the designated hours for a $10.00 fee. See the ID Card schedule.

5. Delivery persons and messengers are not allowed access to the building for the purposes of making a delivery. They must wait at the Public Safety desk until the person requesting the delivery is notified.

6. In the event of any unique situation such as large outside groups, the department requiring access must contact the Department of Public Safety at extension 8524 in advance to arrange for access. 
Please e-mail the information about the group/event and an attendance list to and Rules will vary and will be determined by the situation. Every consideration will be given for cooperation providing it does not compromise the security of the campus.

7. Any person attempting to bypass the system by jumping the turnstiles, "piggybacking" through the devices or tampering with the ID cards will be subject to disciplinary action by the College administration. Outsiders may be prosecuted for trespassing.


Visitors to the College are granted access under the following circumstances:

  • The individual must stop at the Public Safety desk and produce a valid photo identification.
  • Declare the destination and purpose of visit.
  • Be announced to the person being visited when appropriate.
  • Visitors are granted access to the premises only after the expressed permission is given from the member of the College community being visited, or
  • The legitimacy of the visit is otherwise verified.

All members of the College community are encouraged to submit the names of expected guests to the Department of Public Safety ahead of the visit, this will expedite access to the campus.