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The Center for Career & Professional Development works with the faculty to offer several internship/fieldwork courses that allow you to intern at an agency in your field of interest for a semester. We encourage students pursuing internships to consider registering for these courses to benefit from the added mentorship of the John Jay faculty as well as your internship supervisor.

Click here to view a chart of all undergraduate academic internship courses at the College. The chart will tell you which courses are administered through the Center for Career & Professional Development and which courses require you to approach the instructor or department directly.


  • A cumulative grade point average of 2.50 or better (some internship sites have their own requirements).
  • Completion of 30 or more academic credits (some sites require more credits).
  • Availability of 8-10 hours a week (16-20 during the summer) for a total of 96 hours of fieldwork for the semester.
  • Ability to attend 5 classes during the semester (NOTE: Classes are usually broken up into 3 hour sections, once a month, on Fridays)
  • Students may only take 15 credits of internship courses.


STEP 1: Search for an Internship

All students are required to find their OWN internship with the assistance of the Center for Career and Professional Development and professors. Students are not placed at an internship site.

STEP 2: Attend an Information Session

It is highly recommended for students to attend an “Undergraduate Internship Workshop” to learn about the Internship Process, but it is not mandatory.  Students can RSVP for these workshops in John Jay Careers Online.

STEP 3: Apply for the internship program on John Jay Careers Online

In order to let our office know you are interested in the internship program, you must fill out an application in John Jay Careers Online.  The application can be found under the “My Profile” section of your account in the “Academic Internship” box. Click the Start button, and then submit your internship application (this is not an application for an internship placement; you must still find your own internship).

STEP 4: Course Registration (only for students requesting academic credit)

After your application has been submitted it will be processed by the Center for Career and Professional Development.  Prior to registration the Center for Career and Professional Development will reach out to you via your John Jay College email address once your internship application has been approved.  This email will supply you with further information about the process and your course code to register via ESIMS for the intership class. If you do not receive an email within a week or two, please reach out to our office via email.

STEP 5: Secure Internship / Fill out Site Placement Form

Once you have accepted an internship, you will log onto John Jay Careers Online and fill out a Site Placement Form.  This form can be found in the same location as the Internship Application (refer back to step 3).

STEP 6: Attend Internship Orientation Day (only for students registered in an academic internship course)

Internship Orientation Day is held the second Friday of each semester.  This is a professional development day in where you will meet with your Faculty Advisor for the first time and attend workshops to help prepare you for your internship.  It is MANDATORY to attend.

PLEASE NOTE - Interns may drop their Internship/Fieldwork course at the Registrar's Office before the deadline. It is your responsibility to notify the agency/field supervisor, the faculty advisor and the Center for Career & Professional Development.


Field Evaluations are sent approximately one month before the end of the semester to agency/field supervisors. The field evaluation is considered as part of the final grade for the internship course, which is given by the assigned faculty advisor, and he/she has sole discretion in determining your final grade. Your field evaluation, course assignments and attendance are all considered in deciding the final grade.


All paperwork, conversations, and expectations related to a student's successful completion of an internship course falls under the John Jay College academic integrity policy. Any student believed to have violated this policy will be referred for judicial action.