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Office Location:
524 W. 59th Street,
New York, NY 10019
Room L2.68.00


Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

After Hours or weekends by contacting Security at:
- BMW building Ext. 8700
- Haaren Hall Ext. 8266
- NB-59th Street Ext. 4174
- NB-11th Avenue Ext. 4175
- North Hall Ext. 8740
- Westport Ext. 1120 or outside: 212-484-1120

Questions or comments with respect to the information presented on this webpage should be directed to Tahera Jaffer.

In emergency situations regarding any structural or environmental issues, please call the main number of The Department of Facilities Management EXT. 8541. You may also call any manager's emergency cell phone number below:

Elmer Phelon, Director of Facilities Management
Phone: 212-237-8613
Emergency Cell: 917-578-3346
Room: L2.68.07

George Tangredi, Director Engineering/Administrative Superintendent
Phone: 646-557-4649
Emergency Cell: 646-203-1228
Room: L2.68.06

Mr. Tangredi oversees the management of all Stationary Engineers and Oiler, with specific duties for all HVAC and building systems across the entire physical plant and in all buildings.  His responsibilities include, but are not limited to: the chillers, steam stations, cooling towers, heat exchangers, emergency generators, pumps, controls, electrical power distribution, water treatment, and the sprinkler/standpipe system.  He also oversees and manages any mechanical system replacement, repair, new construction, or new system installation.

Anne Goon, Administrative Superintendent - Day Shift
Phone: 212.237.8543
Emergency Cell: 646.879.5999
Room: L2.68.03

Mrs. Anne Goon is responsible for coordinating all housekeeping, custodial, labor, painting, and exterminating services. She manages three shifts of custodians and supervisors to provide daily cleaning, trash removal and recycling. In addition, she supervises our Laborer work force, which handles all moves and event set ups, snow removal, and coordinates all painting, landscape and exterminating contracts.

Susan Jeffrey, Administrative Superintendent - Evening Shift
Phone: 212-237-8535
Emergency Cell: 646.208.9949
Room: L2.68.04

Mrs. Susan Jeffrey is responsible for coordinating all housekeeping, custodial, labor, painting, and exterminating services for the evening shift.   

Neil Stewart, Administrative Superintendent
Phone: 212.237.8542
Emergency Cell: 646.739.9541
Room: L2.68.04

Mr. Neil Stewart is responsible for major and minor maintenance and engineering services. His responsibilities include the operation and maintenance of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment (HVAC), pneumatic/electronic controls, electrical distribution and controls, plumbing distribution systems, the supervision of contracts for elevators and escalator maintenance, water treatment and energy usage, plus all other minor repairs.

Steven Waxman, /Director of Automation/Administrative Superintendent, BMS Sytem/ Energy Conservation
Phone: 646.557.4612
Emergency Cell: 646.243-5927
Room: L2.68.05

Joseph Dunning,  Administrative Superintendent - Honors College
Phone: 212.729.2902
Emergency Cell: 646.210.7168
Room: L2.68.05

Tahera Jaffer, Administrative Manager
Phone: 212.237.1427
Emergency Cell: 646.210.3951
Room: L2.68.09