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Office Location:
524 W. 59th Street,
New York, NY 10019
Room L2.68.00


Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

After Hours or weekends by contacting Security at:
- BMW building Ext. 8700
- Haaren Hall Ext. 8266
- NB-59th Street Ext. 4174
- NB-11th Avenue Ext. 4175
- North Hall Ext. 8740
- Westport Ext. 1120 or outside: 212-484-1120

Questions or comments with respect to the information presented on this webpage should be directed to Tahera Jaffer.

Elmer Phelon, Director
Phone: 212.237.8613 / Emergency: 917.578.3346
Room: L2.68.07

George Tangredi, Director of Engineering/Administrative Superintendent
Phone: 646-557-4649
Room: L2.68.06

Anne Goon, Administrative Superintendent
Phone: 212.237.8543
Room: L2.68.03

Steven Waxman, Director of Automation/Administrative Superintendent
Phone: 646-557-4612
Room: L2.68.05

Neil Stewart, Administrative Superintendent
Phone: 212.237.8542
Room: L2.68.04

Susan Jeffrey, Administrative Superintendent
Phone: 212-237-8535
Room: L2.68.02

Tahera Jaffer, Administrative Manager
Phone: 212-237-1427
Room: L2.68.09

Joseph Dunning, Administrative Superintendent
Macaulay Honors College/JJC
Room: L2.68.09

Margie Cay, Purchasing Administrator
Phone: 212.484.1183
Room: L2.68.00

Erica Mariano, Office/Archibus Administrator
Phone: 212.484.1393
Room: L2.68.00

Ana Cabrera, Office Assistant
Phone: 212.237.8639
Room: L2.68.00

Kimberly L. Hatcher, Recruiting Coordinator
Phone: 212.484.1183
Room: L2.68.00

Wendell Velez, Timekeeper
Phone: 646.557.4667
Room: L2.68.00

David Stanley, General Supervisor
Phone: 646.557.4687

Andrea Brown, Custodial Supervisor
Morning Shift
Phone: 212.237.8568

Natasha Gordon, Custodial Supervisor
Morning Shift
Phone: 212.484.1191

Gerald Muse, Custodial Supervisor 
Evening Shift
Phone: 646.557.2508

Jerry Ridgel, Custodial Supervisor
Evening Shift
Phone: 212.237.8568

Victor Fantauzzi, Custodial Supervisor
Overnight Shift
Phone: 212.237.8330

Juan Ramirez, Custodial Supervisor
Overnight Shift
Phone: 212.237.8568