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Women’s Center Department of Counseling
John Jay College of Criminal Justice 
Room L.67.10
524 West 59th Street
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Phone: (212) 237-8184
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Monday 10am-5pm
Tuesday 10am-6pm
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The Women’s Center at John Jay College
John Jay’s Women’s Center first opened its doors in 1993, under the direction of Anthropology professor Gerrie Casey. Founded by students and faculty who felt the school was not addressing the unique needs of its female students, the Center was established to create an environment of activism on campus, and to provide students with support around issues like parenting, relationship violence, sexual assault, racism, and gender-based discrimination; issues that are still relevant to women students today. Since its opening, the Center has thrived. Today, the Women’s Center acts as a valuable resource for students, faculty and staff, and in 2007, the Center welcomed two new employees – a clinical assistant and an office manager.   

Why do we need a women’s center?
Since the early 1970s, women's centers throughout the country have advocated for women’s rights by speaking out against gender violence, racism, sexual harassment and discrimination, LGBTQ issues, and other inequities that women have faced throughout history. A recent example of activist activity by John Jay’s Women’s Center is the Center’s collaboration with the Gender Studies Committee to obtain telephone alarm systems and sanitary products dispensers in the women’s restrooms. 

Women's centers also provide students with a safe and supportive environment to socialize, receive support, and educate themselves and their peers about matters of concern in their own lives, and the lives of women around the world. Students are welcome to come to the Women’s Center to volunteer their time, learn about upcoming events, work on homework and class assignments, or just hang out and chat. 

Why isn’t there a men’s center?
The Women’s Center was created by women students who advocated for it. Students started the Center to support one another in the unique stressors they face, such as intimate partner violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, single parenting and equal pay in the workforce. While we realize that men also face discrimination, especially men of color, gay, queer, bi, and transsexual men, historically, men have not faced discrimination on the basis of gender alone. The Women’s Center is concerned with, and supportive of men, and the issues that affect them, but as our name and mission indicates, our primary focus is on women.  

The Center would gladly support students who wish to advocate for the creation of a Center that serves men. Remember, activism, involvement, and persistence is what established the Women’s Center. Students do make a difference.