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Kenneth Holmes
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Maria E. Vidal
Room L.74.02 NB
Maria E. Vidal joined Urban Male Initiative during spring 2011 as the Coordinator. She oversees the Peer Advocates mentoring program, advisory board, and the daily functions of the office and all program activities. Her professional experience includes coordinating the first two cohorts of the Peer Ambassador Program under the Division of Student Affairs. Maria has presented on Males, Masculinities & Safe Spaces: The UMI Model at the National Conference on Race & Ethnicity in American Higher Education (NCORE) and was recently honored by Hip Hop 4 Life during their 10th Anniversary celebration. She has earned both her Master's Degree in Public Administration and Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice from John Jay College of Criminal Justice (CUNY). Maria is also a proud "fur-mom" of a 2 year old rescue German Shepherd/Chow named Beba!

 Cesar Irigoyen
College Assistant 
Room L.74.02 NB
In Fall 2011, Cesar became involved with the Urban Male Initiative as a volunteer mentor. UMI's mission to increase retention and graduation rates amongst Black and Latino males through mentoring was empowering. Developing meaningful relationships with the incredible minds and personalities of our students at UMI has motivated Cesar to earn his baccalaureate degree in Political Science with a minor in History. Using their enthusiasm about education, Cesar is pursuing a Juris Doctorate focusing in international human rights in order to become a diplomat for a Latin American country. 

Bevaughn Charles
College Assistant 
Room L.74.02 NB 
Bevaughn Charles became a valued member of the Urban Male Initiative during the semester of Fall 2010. Since his induction to the organization, Bevaughn has continued to attend, meetings, workshops and other events that were coordinated to exemplify the mission of the Urban Male Initiative. Personal, social, academic and professional support became an integral part of Bevaughn’s life while attending John Jay which yielded great accomplishments, specifically a raise in GPA and graduation within four years. With such a positive influence on his life in and out the classroom, Bevaughn has now become part of the Urban Male Initiative team to provide the same personal, social, academic and professional support that was given to him. His hope is to empower students who lack confidence and to help those who are where he once was.