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Urban Male Initiative

John Jay College of Criminal Justice
524 West 59th Street, Room L.74.02 NB
T (646) 557.4557
F (212) 237.8282

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Pipeline Programs

 1) Hunter College Black Male Initiative-“Brothers for Excellence”- Summer Pipeline Programs

  2)  Pipeline Programs for College Students

3) CUNY  Opportunity Programs and Specialized Programs


  4) CUNY Black Male Initiative Scholarship Programs

 Recommended Book

 The Black Male Handbook is a collection of essays for Black males on surviving, living, and winning. Kevin Powell taps into the social and political climate rising in the Black community, particularly as  it relates to Black males. This is a must-have book, not only for Black male readers, but the women who befriend, parent, partner, and love them.

The Black Male Handbook answers a collective hunger for new direction, fresh solutions to old problems, and a different kind of conversation -- man-to-man and with Black male voices, all of the hiphop generation. The book tackles issues related to political, practical, cultural, and spiritual matters, and ending violence against women and girls.

 The Black Male Handbook is a blueprint for those aspiring to thrive against the odds in America today.