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Questions or comments with respect to the information presented on this webpage should be directed to Gerald Garvey.

The Office of the Bursar manages most financial aspects of your life as a student at John Jay. This includes accepting payments for tuition and fees, deferring billing and processing refunds due to overpayments. They also maintain and reconcile your student accounts, which includes consultation with you should you have questions or concerns.

To insure that you understand and take care of your college financial responsibilities, please familiarize yourself with the following:

Tuition & Fee Payments
Financial Aid Checks

City University of New York Policy on Withholding Student Records

1098 T Tax Forms

If you call the office to discuss your bill, please be prepared to answer specific questions, so our representatives can identify you as a John Jay student on file.

Parents/Guardians: Please note that if your child is not your dependent, FERPA laws prohibit us from discussing their account with you, unless they complete the FERPA consent form. Click here to download the form (PDF).