Current College Initiatives:

  • 80% of cleaning products are green certified or have a green seal- increase 5% per year to 95%.
  • Cafeteria food vendor eliminated the purchase of foam cups- working on food plates and containers.
  • All 8 ½ x 11 print/copy paper purchased for the College is 30% recycled content, including print shops.
  • Replace electric hand towel machines for manual machines, eliminating the purchase and recycling of batteries.
  • We use recycled paper and refill toner cartridges in the student computer labs rather than buy new ones.
  • Any printer purchased after Dec. 2009 by DoIT supports the use of recycled paper and is Energy Star rated with up to 25% more efficient imaging equipment.
  • We have implemented a print management program for student printing (OCS) to reduce unnecessary printing.
  • We have implemented a pilot Free-pay a no cost photocopy service for students with advertising. The company uses the advertising revenue to negate its carbon footprint.
  • Newly purchased computers are taking a power saving to the next level with S3 Sleep mode that places the computer in a state where the system appears off. The CPU has no power; the RAM is in slow refresh and the power supply is in reduced power mode. We have configured all new computers to go into S3 Sleep mode after ½ hr and the monitors to do the same after 15 minutes.

Initiatives Planned:

  • Move to double sided copying.
  • Replace toilet tissue for a brand that has higher recycled content.
  • It is expected that JJC will phase into 100% recycled print/copy paper, as per Executive Order 4.
  • Print shop to use other sizes and types of recycled paper.