Let's Get Green Webisode
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Current College Initiatives:

  • In 2011, JJC recycled more than 150 tons of paper, metals, plastic and cardboard.
  • Currently, we recycle 75% of all waste.
  • Continue to track recycling of computer hardware and other electronics, recycled as per NYS Law.
  • Continue to run promotional campaigns.
  • Continue the recycling of cell phones previously used by students, faculty or staff.
  • All printer toners are recycled.

Initiatives Planned:

  • Expansion Project will be equipped with special recycling compactor meeting NYDOS requirements.
  • Increase recycling of paper by 5% per year- goal 95%.
  • Increase recycling of glass, plastic and metal by 5% per year- goal 95%.
  • Increase recycling of corrugated cardboard by 5% per year- goal 95%.
  • John Jay recycles all old computers and electronic equipment with an outside contractor to ensure they do not and up in landfills and contaminate the environment.
  • In summer 2010, it will be proposed that all toners purchased by the college be remanufactured.