John Jay College has been participating in a CUNY wide effort to promote Sustainability throughout the campus.  The goal of this Sustainability effort is to meet Mayor Bloomberg’s “30 in 10” challenge.  “30 in 10” refers to a reduction of 30% in the carbon footprint of New York City in the next ten years. 

To meet this challenge, President Jeremy Travis in accordance with CUNY’s mission statement has designated Mr. Elmer Phelon, Executive Director of Facilities Management, to lead John Jay College to achieve this reduction of 30% by June 2017.  Mr. Phelon, as directed by CUNY’s mission statement has put together a group referred to as the “John Jay Council for Sustainability”.  This group consists of representatives from faculty, staff, and students who are leaders and supporters of environmental interests at John Jay College.

Council Members and Committees:

Elmer Phelon- Transportation Committee 
Exec. Dir. - Facilities Mgmt./Committee Chair

Joan Hoffman- Education & Curriculum Committee
and Community Engagement & Communication Committee

Anne Goon- Recycling/Procurement Committee 
Admin. Superintendent - Facilities Mgmt.

Doug Toppin- Recycling/Procurement Committee 
Manager of Technology Support & Helpdesk

Karen Okamoto- Nutrition Committee 
Adjunct - Library

Maria Volpe- Education & Curriculum Committee 
Professor - Sociology

Susan Will- Education & Curriculum Committee 
Professor - Sociology

Gerald Markowitz- Education & Curriculum Committee 
Distinguished Professor - History

Ynes Leon- Education & Curriculum Committee 
Phase II Coordinator - Finance & Admin.

Hazel Stewart- Procurement Committee 
Purchasing Officer - Business Office

Irene O'Donnell- Procurement Committee 
Manager Campus Office Services

Declan Walsh- Community Enagement & Communication Committee 
Director - Community Outreach & Service Learning