Current College Initiatives:

  • JJC offers the following Economics courses which contained at least some focus on sustainability or the environment:

          ECO 101- Principles of Economics,
          ECO 170- Introduction to the Economics of Crime and Social Problems,
          ECO 215- Economics of Regulation and the Law, 
          ECO 220- Aggregate Economics, 
          ECO 225- Microeconomics, 
          ECO 231- Global Economics: development and Crime, 
          ECO 260-Environmental Economics: Regulation and Policy, and
          ECO 360/SOC 360- Corporate and White Collar Crimes

  • In addition, John Jay offers:

          BIO 104- Modern Biology II,
          ENV 108- Principles of Environmental Science, 
          FIS 209- Analysis of Urban Hazardous Materials, Tactics and Strategy, 
          HIS 224- A History of Crimes in NYC, and
          TOX 313- Toxicology of the Environmental and Industrial Agents.

Initiatives Planned:

  • Goal is to increase the number of courses that include some sustainability content.
  • The Education/Curriculum issues to be reviewed at the Faculty Senate regularly by core sustainability committee group.