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John Jay is a premiere educational institution where criminal justice is taught in all its modern complexities and public service is valued as the noble endeavor that it is.  The In-service Program at John Jay College is designed to provide educational opportunities to active and retired members of the:

• New York City Department of Corrections (DOC)
• New York City Fire Department (FDNY)
• New York City Police Department* (NYPD) 
  *(All active NYPD Uniformed Members of the Service (UMOS) are encouraged to apply to the NYPD Leadership Program). 


The In-service Program is available for all active and retired DOC officers, FDNY firefighters, and NYPD UMOS interested in obtaining their Bachelor’s Degree.  All civilian members and other public service agency personnel (i.e. FDNY EMS-Emergency Medical Technician, FDNY EMS-Paramedic, NYPD school safety, NYPD police administrative aid, etc.), are encouraged to apply through the City University of New York, by visiting


The benefits of the In-service Program include:

1. Receive college credits for the following basic academy training*:
a. Up to 18 for DOC
b. Up to 10 for FDNY
c. Up to 28 for NYPD

*Please note:  You may receive additional credits for courses taken beyond basic training.  However, you may not exceed 30 credits from any organization other than a post-secondary institution (i.e. NYPD, DOC, FDNY, etc.).

2. Apply DOC, FDNY, and NYPD credits towards John Jay College degree

3. Graduates of the New York City Police Academy, the New York City Fire Academy or the New York City Correction Academy who have earned at least 28 credits in liberal arts courses will be exempt from the CUNY Common Core portion of the College’s General Education program. These students will still need to complete six credits of the John Jay College Option (3 credits in the Justice Core 300-level and 3 credits in either the Learning from the Past or Communications categories) to complete their general education requirements

4. Academic and career development counseling

5. Full access to campus facilities including, but not limited to:
a. Fitness center
b. Swimming pool
c. Writing Center
d. State of the art computer labs
e. Lloyd Sealy Library
f. Laptop Loan Program


We are currently accepting applications for the Fall 2014 semester and encourage all eligible candidates to apply.  Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and we suggest applications be submitted as early as possible.  Click here to start the enrollment process for the In-service Program.