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Kenneth Holmes 
Dean of Students
Student Affairs


BIT will meet at least once a month to fulfill the following objectives:

  • Increase identification of students whose behaviors are distressed, disruptive, and/or threatening.
  • Discuss situations brought to its attention by any member of the campus community seeking guidance on disruptive and/or problematic behaviors that might lead to aggression or self-harm.
  • Centralize the process of collecting and assessing “red flags” raised by student behavior and documented by different sources within the College before there is a crisis.
  • Develop a coordinated plan to help students in crisis, mitigate risk, facilitate early intervention and protect campus safety.
  • Coordinate follow-up with the student to ensure that services, support and resources are deployed effectively.
  • Recommend mandated psychological assessment and/or medical leave/withdrawal, when necessary, pursuant to CUNY’s Medical Withdrawal and Re-Entry Policy and Procedures.
  • Balance FERPA, HIPAA and counselor privilege with university need-to-know and emergency communication needs.