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At John Jay, the Office of Student Life offers a wide array of cultural, educational, leadership and social activities to our students, faculty and staff. Getting involved in John Jay student life is the quickest way to become a part of the College community, and to create your own John Jay experience.

Our office organizes programs and events, lectures, cultural presentations, leadership programs and social activities in accordance with our mission. These programs aim to enrich your John Jay experience and will encourage you to develop your leadership abilities and express your talents. They allow you to build a strong connection with peers that have a diverse background and interests. These programs are supported by the student activity fee and managed by the Student Activities Association (Board of Directors) commonly referred to as the B-O-D. To view the most current Board of Directors minutes and to see how your funds are spent click here.

The College has a number of student organizations that you can consider joining and becoming an active leader, which are insisted by and supported by OSL.  For more information about our office and student organizations, visit the Office of Student Life in room L2.71.00, 524West 59 Street, call us at 212.237.8698, or email us at

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Office of Student Life Overview

The Office of Student Life strives to fulfill the College mission by enhancing the educational experience by providing extra- and co-curricular programs and activities, designed to assist in the development of personal and professional skills. We aim to develop the whole student through the adoption of best practices for engaged student success and student-centered strategies.



The Office of Student Life is committed to working with both undergraduate and graduate students to support and maintain an environment where students will develop their communication, leadership development, civic engagement and cultural competency skills through structured and purposeful involvement. The Office of Student Life fosters the development of the whole student by identifying and nurturing their skill sets through involvement with student organizations and campus wide programming. 



The Office of Student Life is an essential resource and trusted leader for the overall John Jay College community in the delivery of programs, services and information with the goal of cultivating a community of morally responsible and empowered students.


Guiding Principles

The Office of Student Life serves as the central focus for providing learning opportunities, primarily for students, through student activities, student governance, leadership development, cultural competency awareness and peer networking. Students engaged in student life initiatives will benefit from an environment which emphasizes and supports:

Students recognizing, expressing, and exercising their individual and collective leadership abilities.

The importance of service and students serving as change agents in contributing to the overall campus, local and global communities.

Building community through advocating, exposing and sharing our diverse experiences while encouraging and embracing an understanding and appreciation for inclusiveness and meaningful collaboration

A commitment to excellence whereby students and staff strive to continually achieve high levels of success through mutual respect, teamwork, the exchange of ideas and meaningful collaborations 


Student Activities Association (Board of Directors)
The John Jay College Student Activities Corporation managers and supervises the allocation of the student activity fee. Its Board of Directors is composed of six students, three faculty members, three administrators, and a chairperson appointed by the President of the College.


SAA BOD Meeting Minutes


Student Clubs and Organization
John Jay’s student organizations and clubs show the diversity of our students and their interests. No matter what your passion, you’re sure to find a club that suits you. Below is the current listing of student clubs and organizations. If there is something you do not see you can be sure to come by our office to start it up! 


Student Council 
The Student Council is responsible for disbursing the Council funds and club funds derived from the student activity fee, as well as the additional funds allocated to Media/Yearbook from the budget of the Student Activities Corporation. Composed of 24 members, the Student Council has an Executive Board that includes a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer, and four repre­sentatives each from the graduate, senior, junior, sophomore and freshman classes. The Student Council follows the Charter of the Student Government bylaws in fulfilling its responsibilities.


Student Elections
Student Council elections and swearing in of officers for the fall semester take place during the Spring semester. The Student Government’s Judicial Board supervises the Student Council election.
General Elections Guidelines
Student Election Review Committee (SERC) Guidelines


Judicial Board
The Student Council and the Board of Directors of the Student Activities Corporation appoint the Judicial Board. The Judicial Board has five student members. In addition to conducting elections, the Judicial Board certifies student organizations and hears charges of impeachment against Student Council officials.