Faculty Members on the 2013-2014 College Council & Calendar of College Council meetings


Faculty Members on the 2013-2014 College Council: Spring 2014 

18 Faculty At-Large Members of the Faculty Senate & College Council::

Chevy Alford – SEEK*
Adam Berlin – English*
Kashka Celinska – Law, PS, CJA*
Janice Dunham – Library*
Jennifer Dysart – Psychology*
Peggy Escher – English*
DeeDee Falkenbach – Psychology*
Maki Haberfeld – Law, PS, CJA*
Karen Kaplowitz – English*
Louis Kontos – Sociology*
Anru Lee – Anthropology*
Hyunhee Park – History*
Melinda Powers – English*
Dainius Remeza – English*
Raul Rubio – Foreign Language & Lit*
Francis Sheehan – Science*
Staci Strobl – Law, Police Science, CJA*
Fritz Umbach – History*
Daniel Yaverbaum – Science*

24 Department representatives elected to the Faculty Senate & the College Council:
African-American Studies: C. Jama Adams*
Anthropology: Terry Furst*
Art & Music: Claudia Calirman*
Communication & Theater Arts: Elton Beckett*
Counseling & Student Life: Cary Sanchez*
Criminal Justice: Stanley Ingber*
Economics: Geert Dhondt*
English: Dale Barleben*
Foreign Languages & Literature: Raul Romero*
Health and Physical Education: Vincent Maiorino*
History: David Munns*
Interdisciplinary Studies Program: Andrea Balis*
Latin American & Latina/o Studies: John Gutierrez*
Law, Police Science, CJA: Lior Gideon*
Library: Maria Kiriakova*
Mathematics: Shaobai Kan*
Philosophy: Tanya Rodriguez*
Political Science: James Cauthen*
Psychology: Tom Kucharski*
Public Management: Ned Benton*
Science: Richard Stripp*
Security, Fire & Protection Management: Charles Jennings*
SEEK: Carmen Solis*
Sociology: Jay Pastrana*

* Also, Member of the Faculty Senate

2013-14 Calendar of College Council & College Council Executive Committee Meetings

College Council Meetings:
Thursday, September 26
Thursday, October 24
Tuesday, November 26
Thursday, December 12

Thursday, February 13
Wednesday, March 12
Wednesday, April 23
Thursday, May 15

College Council Executive Committee Meetings:
Tuesday, September 10
Wednesday, October 9
Monday, November 11
Monday, December 2

Thursday, January 30
Wednesday, February 26
Wednesday, April 2
Monday, May 5

Deadline for Agenda Items:
Wednesday, August 28
Monday, September 30
Wednesday, October 30
Wednesday, November 27

Tuesday, January 21
Friday, February 14
Monday, March 24
Friday, April 25

NB:  Additional meetings will take place on December 10 and on May 14, if needed, as backup.

All meetings begin at 1:40 PM and are open to the College Community.
The Executive Committee meetings are held in Room 610 H.
The College Council meetings are held in Room 630 H.