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Center for Student Involvement & Leadership

524 West 59th St.
New York, NY 10019
Phone: 212-237-8698

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Questions or Comments with respect to the information presented on this webpage should be directed to: Danielle Officer  - or 212-237-8185

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Center for Student Involvement & Leadership - MISSION

The Center for Student Involvement & Leadership strives to fulfill the College mission by enhancing each student's educational experience by providing extra- and co-curricular programs and activities, designed to assist in their personal and professional development. Our office seeks to foster the development of the whole student by identifying and nurturing his/her skill sets through involvement with student organizations and campus wide programming and through the adoption of best practices for engaged student success and student-centered strategies.

Center for Student Involvement & Leadership - VISION STATEMENT

The Center for Student Involvement & Leadership exemplifies a commitment to active learning and student leadership by engaging students in moral, cultural, social, and ethical co-curricular activities.

Center for Student Involvement & Leadership - OVERVIEW

The Center for Student Involvement & Leadership offers a wide array of cultural, educational, leadership and social activities to our students, faculty and staff. Getting involved in John Jay's student life is the quickest way for you to become a part of the College community, and to create your personal experience. Our office organizes programs and events, lectures, cultural presentations, leadership programs and social activities. These programs aim to enrich your experience and encourage you to develop your leadership abilities and express your talents. They allow you to build a strong connection with peers that have a diverse background and interests. These programs are supported by the student activity fee and managed by the Student Activities Association (Board of Directors) commonly referred to as the B-O-D. To view the most current Board of Directors minutes and to see how your funds are spent, click here.

The College has a number of student organizations that you can consider joining, which are supported by the Center for Student Involvement & Leadership.  The best way to find out information online is to read our Compass Guide!  For more information about our office and student organizations by visiting the Center for Student Involvement & Leadership in room L2.71.00NB, 524 West 59th Street, or by calling us at 212.237.8698, or by emailing

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