Campus Safety Advisory Committee

Emergency Telephones

dial Ext.8888 which rings at all Public Safety locations.

Command Center, 24/7 staffing

North Hall Office


The Campus Security Advisory Committee (CSAC) is responsible for providing a forum for issues and concerns related to safety and security on campus. The committee reviews current campus security policies and procedures and makes recommendations for their improvement relating to:

Educating the campus community, including security personnel and those who advise or supervise students, about sexual assault, domestic violence, and stalking offenses;

·         Educating the campus community about personal safety and crime prevention;


·         Reporting sexual assaults, domestic violence and stalking incidents and assisting victims during investigations;
·         Referring complaints to appropriate authorities;


·         Counseling victims; and


·         Responding to inquiries from concerned persons.


The committee is appointed by the President in compliance with Article 129-A; Section 6431 of the New York State Education Law and is required to report on its findings and recommendations annually.  
The Advisory Committee on Campus Safety will provide upon request all  campus  crime statistics as reported to the United States Department of Education.





All public colleges in New York are required by state statute to have a campus safety advisory committee.

The members of the committee are as follows:

Kevin Cassidy, Public Safety, Committee Chair
Kenneth Holmes, Student Affairs
Rosemarie Maldonado, Office of Legal Counsel
Irene O’Donnell, Facilities
Howart Francis, Academic Advisement
John Leebens, Student Life

Janice Dunham, Library
Charles Nemeth, Security, Fire and Emergency Management
Francis Sheehan, Science
Elizabeth Yukins, English/Women’s Center
Roddrick Colvin, Public Management

Clinton Dyer, President Student Government
Gabriella Mungalsingh
Carla Prado
Johnny Derogene
Dev Sharma