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Defer Your Admission and Reserve Your Spot at John Jay College of Criminal Justice

After you have been admitted to John Jay College, you may defer your admission for up to one year for any of the following reasons:

● work
● travel
● military service
● religious study
● to pursue a special opportunity

You may not defer your admission in order to complete post-secondary education at another college or university within or outside the U.S. If you plan to attend a post-secondary institution, you must re-apply as a transfer applicant and adhere to our Admission Application deadlines. To defer your admission and reserve your spot, you must pay the $100 Seat Deposit by May 1st. If you were admitted after May 1st, your commitment deposit is due 15 days after the date indicated on your admission letter. You will not need to re-apply or pay an additional application-processing fee. Your seat will be held for up to one year and is not transferable to any other college. For details, contact the Office of Admissions at 212.564.6529.

Have Your Application Re-evaluated for a Future Semester

If you do not wish to defer your admission, you may choose to have your Admission Application re-evaluated for a future semester. Your spot will not be reserved at the college and you will be required to update your Admission Application with any new information, which will be reviewed within the context of other applications for the new semester. You will be required to pay an additional application-processing fee if: 1) you take any post-secondary coursework and/or 2) you defer your admission for a period of time greater than one semester.