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Internships: Why are they Important for a MPA student?

An internship in a relevant field can be the single most attractive element on your resume for future employers.

The Master of Public Administration degree at John Jay College is a service-oriented degree; the coursework educates you about many areas including Administration, Public Policy, Law, Investigations, Oversight, Operations, and Management. When applying for full-time roles in Public Administration, employers like to see that you have had internship or full-time experience working to serve the public in some capacity. This can take many forms from working directly at a city, state, or federal agency, or working at a non-profit organization or corporation that interfaces with the public in some way.

Therefore, the Center for Career & Professional Development strongly encourages you to gain tangible internship experience working in Public Administration. We offer the following resources to plan, apply, and engage in a fulfilling internship that will offer you valuable experience to get a strong start in your chosen profession.

Steps to Obtain an Internship or Full-time Work:

(1) Research & Preparation

(2) Network Effectively According to your Strengths

(3) Interviewing

(4) Negotiating an Offer:
There is more space for negotiation within a full-time job offer versus an internship.
Make sure to research the salary range for which you qualify, websites such as the U.S. Department of Labor's site: and are recommended resources.

(5) Making your Decision and Letting your Network Know:
Don't forget to let everyone who has helped you in the internship or job search process know that you have secured an internship. Thank them for however they have helped you progress in your search whether it was advice, facilitating a connection within their network, an informational interview, or even a review of your resume. These contacts become a part of your professional network and ideally you will continue a friendly and professional relationship.

 In response to high student interest in summer internships through PAD 780, and recognizing that many students cannot afford an unpaid internship, the Differential Tuition Subcommittee has proposed a program for internship course tuition waivers.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) 2012 Internship & Co-op Survey, employers converted 58.6 percent of their Class of 2011 interns into full-time hires. An internship provides a valuable opportunity for you to apply your strong work ethic and skills set to show employers that you would be a very capable full-time employee. With the understanding that many students would like to do so but cannot afford to do an unpaid internship, the MPA Differential Tuition Committee has implemented a program for internship tuition waivers.
These waivers would provide funds to cover student tuition for the summer PAD 780, Public Administration Internship course. In addition to completing their internship, student grantees would be expected to fulfill the PAD 780 course requirements. Preference will be given to students who are near degree completion who have not yet completed an internship in public service.
Minimum 3.0 GPA required.

Please apply through John Jay Careers Online, type in “PAD 780 Course Internship Tuition Waiver” , or 12680 in the keyword box. For the application we ask that you answer questions to 3 short essays through a SurveyMonkey link. Application submission deadlines will be updated each semester, and will be advertised widely through email.