Feminism and Gender Justice

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Women’s Center Department of Counseling
John Jay College of Criminal Justice 
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Feminism and Gender Justice

Barnard Center for Research on Women

Barnard Center for Research on Women (BCRW) promotes women and social justice issues in the local spheres of the Barnard College community and academic and activist networks in New York City, as well as having a voice in national and transnational feminist organizing and research.  


A bookstore, fair trade cafe, and activist center in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Bluestockings carries over 6000 titles on topics such as queer and gender studies, global capitalism, feminism, police and prisons, democracy studies, and black liberation.

Casa Abatex Ache

Casa Atabex-Ache is a grassroots non-profit organization designed to tap into the innate power of healing, transformation, and action that often lies dormant in womyn and girls of color, so that we may strengthen and improve our lives, families and communities.

Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality at NYU

CSGS organizes public events where scholars, students, artists, and activists meet to discuss issues involving gender and sexuality, and their intersections with other social phenomena such as race, religion, nation, class, ability/disability, and ethnicity.

Center for the Study of Women and Sexuality

Directors of CUNY Women's Studies Programs and Women's Centers        

The Crunk Feminist Collective

Where Crunk Meets Conscious and Feminism Meets Cool.


Feministing is an online community for feminists and their allies. The community aspect of Feministing–the community blog, campus blog, comment threads and related social networking sites–exist to better connect feminists online and off, and to encourage activism.

The Feminist Press at CUNY

The Feminist Press is an independent nonprofit literary publisher that promotes freedom of expression and social justice.  

Hunter Women's Rights Coalition

The HWRC is an undergraduate student club dedicated to furthering gender equality & reproductive rights, raising awareness, promoting student-led activism, and empowering students on campus.

Institute for Research on Women and Gender, Columbia University

The Institute for Research on Women and Gender is the locus of interdisciplinary feminist scholarship and teaching at Columbia University.

Like a Whisper: Feminism, Critical Race Consciousness, Queer Politics

Great blog by a feminist professor, woman of color. Film, music, books, comics, news, race consciousness.

New York Activist Calendar

A monthly calendar highlighting activist activities in NYC.

Sista II Sista

Sista II Sista was created as a response to the lack of community spaces that focused on the experience of young women of color. It became known as a proactive space where young women of color could tap into their collective power to fight against injustice.

Women, Action, & the Media - WAM!

WAM! connects and supports media makers, activists, academics and funders working to advance women’s media participation, ownership and representation. Their work is part of an advocacy movement for gender justice in media.

Young Feminist Wire

Starting in 2001, AWID has engaged in specific activities that recognize the unique experiences and perspectives of young women activists and worked to support young women in their efforts to achieve women’s rights and tackle global challenges.