John Jay College of Criminal Justice Tobacco-free Campus Policy

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Information is CONFIDENTIAL.


The use or promotion of tobacco products on and off-campus-sponsored events is detrimental to the health and safety of students, staff, and visitors. John Jay prohibits smoking, chewing, or otherwise ingesting tobacco or tobacco products in all campus facilities, whether owned, rented or leased, and in all vehicles that the College owns, leases, rents, contracts for or controls. Exposure to second-hand smoke is harmful and we recognize our social responsibility to protect the health of students and staff by providing a tobacco-free environment for our campus.

In compliance with CUNY’s respect for others and the environment, it is John Jay College of Criminal Justice’s policy to:

  • Prohibit smoking in all facilities and outdoor areas.
  • Prohibit the use of tobacco product in all facilities and outdoor areas in full accordance with the law,
  • Prohibit accepting any donations or curriculum from any tobacco-related industry,
  • Prohibit any promotion of tobacco products,
  • Prohibit the following items on campus (inside or outside) and at off-campus, college-sponsored events:
    • tobacco products and tobacco-related devices,
    • imitation tobacco products and,
    • Electronic cigarettes. (E-cig)

Who is affected by the policy?
This policy applies to all individuals on the premises at any given time. This includes faculty, staff, students, visitors, contractors, leaseholders and all other campus personnel.

All campus properties are tobacco-free
Campus properties designated as tobacco-free, include but are not limited to the following:

  • Work-stations/area, lecture halls, offices, access corridors and campus vehicles.
  • Eating and hospitality areas.
  • Toilets and change rooms.
  • Outdoor crowded areas including sports fields, Jay Walk, Outdoor walkways and entrances used by people to access and exit buildings.

John Jay College of Criminal Justice/CUNY is tobacco-free and there are no exemptions.

Enforcement strategy
John Jay College of Criminal Justice /CUNY have the right to initiate the progressive disciplinary process against any individual found to be in violation of this policy. Any person smoking will politely be asked to stop and be reminded about the tobacco-free policy. If the offence continues, a second verbal warning will be issued. If this warning is ignored, a penalty will be issued. A campus contact telephone number and email will be promoted to report breaches or provide feedback for further action. Further actions may include monetary fine, community service, mandated cessation education or other appropriate disciplinary action in accordance with the Student Handbook. Trained staff and volunteers will enforce the policy.

Smoke Cessation Resources
NY State Quit-line- 866-NY-Quits (866-697-8487), in-house Cessation Workshops (212-237-8052)