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Division of Student Affairs  

Athletics, Intramurals, and Recreation

Athletics, Intramurals and Recreation is a program that makes all of us feel proud and committed to John Jay. The College’s NCAA sports teams include Baseball, Softball, men’s and women’s Basketball, Cross Country, and others, including the men’s and women’s Rifle, men’s and women’s Soccer, men’s and women’s Tennis, women’s Swimming and women’s Volleyball.

Accessibility Services

Providing comprehensive access to support services and programs for undergraduate and graduate students with disabilities is the mission of John Jay’s Accessibility Services. It ensures that these members of the College community face no discrimination and have equal access to all the College offers. Accessibility Services encourage independence and self-advocacy through specially-designed services backed by an all-inclusive system of support resources.

Center for Career and Professional Development

Internships and cooperative education, career exploration and professional network building—this is how the Center for Career and Professional Development helps students and alumni find success in their chosen fields. The educational and professional experiences it offers make John Jay students competitive job-seekers in today’s global market.

Children’s Center
The Children’s Center offers an intellectually stimulating, physically active and emotionally supportive atmosphere for the children of John Jay students ages 6 months through 5 years. The Center ensures growth through an educational program where the children learn about themselves and their world in a warm, caring environment.

Community Outreach and Service-Learning

Connecting John Jay students to the wider community outside the College’s walls is the goal of the Office of Community Outreach and Service Learning. Students are given assistance in determining the type of civic-engagement activity in which they would like to participate. While there are many available opportunities, the Office’s signature initiative is the AmeriCorps program that gives students an educational stipend and the chance to volunteer with partner organizations such as the Center for Court Innovation, Safe Horizon and City Year.

Counseling Services

Counseling Services supports John Jay’s community by ensuring that each student has the resources and tools to have a healthy, well-balanced life. Individual and group counseling, crisis intervention, outreach, training, and referrals are some of the free services we provide.

Health Services
Health Services provides access to quality and affordable health care, and educates students about preventive and acute medical care. It provides free or low cost services like health assessments, wellness education, immunizations, HIV testing, pregnancy testing and birth control prescriptions, insurance information and nutrition workshops.

Student Life

The Office of Student Life creates an environment where students can explore their interests, leadership, civic engagement, cultural diversity and spirituality. It offers a wealth of opportunities to become engaged on campus. Just to name a few, there is the JJ Bloodhound Trailblazers Leadership Series, over 40 student organizations and clubs, a student government and many campus-wide events throughout the year.

Student Relations

Your learning advocate on campus, Student Relations will assist you in learning your rights, responsibilities and role as a John Jay student.

Student Transition Programs    L68.25    212.237.8139
The Office of Student Transition Programs (STP) provides programs for entering students such as Accepted Students Day, New Student Orientation, and Weeks of Welcome, as well as programs for graduating students including Senior Week and Commencement. The STP team is also responsible for the Peer Ambassador Leadership Program designed to recruit and train exceptional John Jay students for leadership opportunities on campus.

Urban Male Initiative

The mission of the Urban Male Initiative (UMI) is to give personal, social, academic and professional support for underrepresented groups, specifically African American and Latino males at John Jay. By offering mentoring at the Malone Mentoring Center, volunteering opportunities, lectures by guest speakers, special community events and academic advisement, we are working to increase the retention and graduation rates of all students, while fostering a meaningful college experience.

Veterans Resource Center

The Veterans Resource Center provides to active duty service members, reservists, members of the National Guard, veterans and military families links to campus resources, local partners, and national services that will assist them during their time at John Jay. Helping this unique student population achieve their educational and career goals is a collaborative effort on campus led by Student Affairs.

Women’s Center

John Jay’s Women’s Center provides education, outreach and activism opportunities on women’s issues and gender justice, and collaborates with groups both inside and outside the College to promote the physical, mental and sexual health of all our students. It also provides direct services, such as crisis intervention, short term and on-going individual counseling, groups and referral services, as well as workshops, conferences and trainings. The Women’s Center is a safe space for women students and their allies.