Additional Funding Stream: Student Technology Fee and Auxiliary Services Corp

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Robert Pignatello
Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration
Chair, Financial Planning Subcommittee

James Llana
Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness
Chair, Strategic Planning Subcommittee


Two other important sources of revenue to support College programs include the student Technology Fee and activities sponsored by the Auxiliary Services Corporation.  Each semester students pay a $100 fee to support information technology projects that benefit students and provide for faculty development, and each year the average annual budget from the fee is $2.6 million.  A Student Technology Fee Committee--with faculty, students, and administrators—allocates funds based on proposals.

The Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) provides an important source of non-tax levy funds. The ASC is a separately incorporated entity with an unpaid Board of Directors comprised of faculty, staff and students. Created to support educational, social, cultural, and recreational activities among students, faculty, and staff, the ASC generates revenue from vendor contracts for the bookstore, food service, cell towers, space and theatre rentals, and other auxiliary services.  The funds are used to provide scholarships to students and to support major student events such as Open House, Orientation, Commencement, and awards dinners.