Monitoring the Plan

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Robert Pignatello
Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration
Chair, Financial Planning Subcommittee

James Llana
Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness
Chair, Strategic Planning Subcommittee


Once the plan is implemented, spending and enrollment is monitored quarterly by the College and CUNY. At the end of each quarter, we compare our actual enrollment, revenue, university allocation, and expenditures to estimates in the Financial Plan. We then re-forecast and update projections and end-of- year expectations; the College Executive Staff reviews this information at a quarterly meeting dedicated to budget matters. The University monitors college expenditures at mid-year (January), after the 3rd Quarter of the fiscal year (April) and after the end of the fiscal year (August/September). The College Budget Office reconciles to the University estimates and any discrepancies are resolved. Quarterly financial reports are distributed and posted to the intranet. Throughout the year the reports are discussed at the FPS/SPS and Budget and Planning Committee meetings. The current year actual condition becomes the baseline for the following year budget cycle. The cycle then repeats itself each January.