Criminal Justice Research & Evaluation Center

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Dr. Nancy Jacobs
Executive Director
(212) 237-8620,
Todd Clear
Senior Fellow,
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555 West 57th St, Suite 605.

The Criminal Justice Research Center is an applied research organization established in 1975 so that members of the academic community can respond to the needs of criminal justice practitioners. The Center assists public and private agencies by conducting research and evaluation studies of crime prevention strategies, positive youth development projects, and criminal justice issues and operations.

Recent Center projects have included evaluations of efforts to establish permanent partnerships between police and citizen organizations to combat street drug trafficking; a study exploring the participation of women in violent non-domestic crime; evaluation of several projects aimed at reintegrating former offenders into community life; evaluation of gender specific developmental programs for adolescents; a study of pre-trial case felony processing in New York City's Supreme Courts; and an analysis of case flow management for non-judicial personnel in the Connecticut state court system.

The Criminal Justice Research Center is located in Room 636 Tenth Ave. Building. For additional information, get in touch with Dr. Nancy Jacobs, Director, Room 636 Tenth Ave. Building at 212-237-8620.