Office of Military and Veteran Services

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Office of Military and Veteran Services
North Hall, Rm 3122 
524 West 59th Street
New York, NY 10019
Phone: (212) 484-1329  

Office Hours
Mon - Fri: 9am – 5 pm

Welby Alcantara, USMC
Coordinator, Office of Military & Veterans Services
North Hall Rm. 3122A
Phone: 212-484-1329

Mon-Friday 9am - 5pm 






Our Mission:

John Jay College of Criminal Justice is committed to providing quality education to our student veterans, active duty service members, guardsmen, reservists, and their dependents. As the functional demands military seek educational opportunities to prepare themselves for the marketplace, John Jay prides itself in providing the most comprehensive education specifically designed to facilitate growth.

John Jay College has a support structure and culture that is comprised of service, experience, and dedication. John Jay believes that those who courageously served their country should be rewarded with an institution that works hard to ensure their academic success. The John Jay Office of Veterans Affairs collaborates with all departments on campus to assist veterans and their families and helps them obtain their VA, New York State, New York City, and federal benefits.

WELCOME HOME to John Jay College of Criminal Justice! Below are the KEY contacts for Military & Veteran Students and their families.

Veterans Academic Support Team (VAST) Members

Welby Alcantara, Office of Military & Veteran Services Coordinator
North Hall 3122N 212.484.1329  

LaTanya Everett, Veterans Certifying Official & Military P.O.C.
Financial Aid Office 1287N 646.557.4898  

Jeanette Tavarez & Anita Devarie Anita, Admissions Advisors
Admissions L.64.13NB 212-237-8866, 69,73 Email   

Karen Rambharose, Testing & Evaluation Director
Testing & Evaluation L.71.00NB 212.237.8125  

Erica Pabon, Bursar Advisor
Bursars Office L.70.03NB Tel; 212-393-6495 Email:  

Hugo Monroy-Caceres, Senior Academic Advisor
Academic Advisement L.73.12NB 212.621.4106  

Bryant Gerard, Counseling Director
The Counseling Services Center, Room L.68.00 NB Phone: 212.237.8111  

Premwati Sukhan, Career & Professional Development Associate Director
Center for Career & Professional Development L72.00 NB 212.237.8754

La Quon Johnson, Accessibility Services & CUNY Leads Advisor
The Office of Accessibility Services Room L.66.00 NB 212.237.8031

Malaine Clarke, Student Health Center Director
Student Health Center L.67.00 NB Phone: 212.237.8052 Fax: 212.237.8026 Email:  

Elizabeth Yukins, Women’s Center Department of Counseling Director
Women’s Center L.67.10 NB 212-  

Shavonne McKiever, Associate Registrar
Registrar’s Office, 1278N 212.237.8881