John Jay College's Residence at the New Yorker

Residential Life

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Jessica Carson, Residence Life Coordinator

Phone: 212-393-6339


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John Jay College is excited to announce a new opportunity in residential life! We focus on providing you with a home away from home, where we provide a caring and comfortable atmosphere that promotes student development. Each residence hall room includes many amenities like study desks, chairs, chests of drawers, closets or wardrobes, wireless Internet access, and a cable connection. The distance is an easy 15 minute subway commute to campus and within walking distance.

Unique John Jay Experience

Living in the John Jay residence at the New Yorker enhances the John Jay experience and allows students to enjoy the close proximity of campus life, athletic, and cultural events. We want to get you more involved in Community Outreach & Service Learning, meet new students at Orientation, and build relationships through Student Life! This also means engaging in civic and leadership opportunities on campus like Student Government and Team Civility. The residence halls provide an excellent social community as residents develop friendships that last a lifetime. For more information about your experience, read the HANDBOOK and the JOHN JAY SUPPLEMENT. In addition, all residents must follow the CUNY Residential Life Rules and CUNY Henderson Rules are listed through the links.

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If you are accepted as a resident, you will receive notification and will need to fill out a copy of the John Jay Housing License.

Student Support Services

When you reside in the John Jay residence, there is always someone from the college around and always have something to do. You have easy access to John Jay College's Student Services and form stronger friendships with other students. Click on the Student Support Services link above to see them all! Every week there are recreational and educational activities where YOU can participate.

Personal Development

You will establish a sense of belonging, develop relationship and critical thinking skills, make ethical decisions and assume self-responsibility. The John Jay College Residential Life and EHS Housing staff suport students in these endeavors and develop activities that complement and enhance their classroom experiences. John Jay's Residential Life program also takes an active role in partnering with parents to ensure the overall developments and academic success of each student. Click on Personal Development to see more!


Room Type

Per Semester Cost

Academic Year Cost

Lofted Triple



Deluxe Triple






Large Double



Deluxe Double






Large Single



Types of Rooms

Deluxe double: A larger version of a double occupancy living space furnished with two beds, each with a chest of drawers, desks, desk chair per resident. There are two closets, one television and one refrigerator are also provided within the room. Deluxe double rooms have two full bathrooms.

Deluxe triple:A triple occupancy living space furnished with three beds, each with a chests of drawers, desk, desk chair per resident. There are two closets, one television and one refrigerator also provided within the room. Deluxe triple rooms have two full bathrooms.

Double: A double occupancy living space furnished with two beds, each with a chest of drawers, desk and desk chair per resident. There is one closet, television, refrigerator and private bathroom are also provided within the room.

Large Double: A larger version of a double occupancy living space furnished with either captain’s beds with drawers or beds with dressers, desks, desk chairs and wardrobes or a closet. A bathroom and refrigerator are also provided within the room. All residences except Marymount also provide a television in each room.

Large Single: A larger version of a single-person living space furnished with a captain’s bed with drawers or bed with a dresser, desk, desk chair and wardrobe or closet. A television, private bathroom, and refrigerator are also provided within the room (except Marymount). This may also be a double room purchased as a single.

Lofted Triple: A triple occupancy living space furnished with loft beds, desks, desk chairs and wardrobes or a closet. “Loft” style beds have desks underneath for efficient use of space. A bathroom and refrigerator are also provided within the room. All residences except Marymount also have a television.

Single: A single-person living space furnished with a bed, chest of drawers, desk, desk chair and, one closet. A private bathroom, television and refrigerator are also provided within the room.

Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding Payment & Pricing

1. How do I pay?

$425 is due at the time you submit your application ($400 Reservation Fee + $25 non-refundable application fee). All remaining payments can be made through our secured payment site at If you would like to submit payment in the form of a check or money order, please visit the Bursar’s office or mail payment to:

John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Office of Residence Life
524 West 59th Street, Suite L65
New York, NY 10019

2. Is there a payment plan?

John Jay College students may participate in the TuitionPay housing plan, a monthly payment plan administered by Sallie Mae®. The Tuition Payment Plan is an interest-free alternative to paying each semester’s housing expenses in full prior to the Fall term (due in July) and the Spring term (due in December). Please note that there is a non-refundable application fee to enroll in the plan. If you want to enroll in a housing payment plan through TuitionPay please visit to learn more or call Sallie Mae at (800) 635-0120 to speak to a specialist.

3. Can I use my NYS 529 College Savings Plan to pay for housing?

Yes. Please contact the Bursar's Office for more information.


Regarding the Housing License Agreement

1. How long is the Housing License Agreement?

The contract is for one full academic-year: Fall 2013 & Spring 2014.

2. Can I stay at the Hall during the Holidays?

Yes, the building will be open for students to stay on-campus throughout the duration of the academic year and you will be allowed to stay on-campus over the winter break/session at additional extra cost.

3. Can I stay in the residence hall for all my four years?

Residential housing contracts are only executed for one academic year at a time. Please note that current residents have the option to renew on an annual basis in the spring semester.


Regarding the Residence Hall

1. How safe is the residence hall?

Very Safe. The residence hall maintains 24-hour security on location; all doors are locked, security cameras are throughout the building, there is a comprehensive guest policy and all must show identification upon entry.

2. Is the residence hall co-ed?

Yes. However, double and triple occupancy rooms are shared by the same gender.

3. Are there single rooms?

Yes, there are a few singles.

4. Are there other residence hall locations for John Jay College?

No, the only residence hall John Jay College has is The New Yorker.

5. Who are the residence halls for?

All matriculated, full-time enrolled John Jay students.

6. What are the amenities?

Amenities at John Jay College Residence Life include 24-hour security, professional live-in Student Life staff, room and residence key-card entry, fully furnished rooms, air conditioning, cable TV, high-speed internet in room, laundry facilities, and communal kitchens and lounges.

7. Are all the amenities (meeting room, library, kitchens, and internet lounge) 24 hours?


8. What is the closest train and how long does it take to get to campus?

The A, C, 1, 2, and 3 trains on 34th Street all can get you to campus in about fifteen minutes.

9. Are there washer and dryers in the residence?

There is a laundry room in the residence hall and all you'll need is laundry detergent. There are no dispensers in the laundry rooms. Your own laundry basket or bag is also a handy thing to have. You must pay to use the washers and dryers, but will text you when your clothes are ready.


Regarding My Room

1. What would be my mailing address?

Your Name

481 8th Avenue, 17th Floor

2. Can I smoke in my room?

There is a no smoking policy. Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the premises. However, there are designated smoking areas outside of the residence hall.

3. Can I request to live with my friend?

Yes, you can indicate your friend's name on our roommate application form when you apply, but requests cannot be guaranteed. Roommates must be the same gender.

4. Will I be able to switch roommates if we do not get along?

Every effort is made to work with roommates to ensure they are able to peacefully coexist in the same living environment. John Jay Residence Hall Staff are all available to assist roommates who may have conflicts. Taking into account the transition period for all first year students, roommate changes are discouraged in the first semester. Situations will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the Office of Residence Life.

5. Is there a storage facility for my bike?

No, you must store your bikes in your room.

6. Are there cable, phone, and/or internet connections in the rooms?

Yes, those are all included in the housing rate at no extra cost. There is also wireless internet connection.

7. Are we allowed to have any pets?

No. There is a no pet policy (this includes fish).

8. Are there accommodations for persons with disabilities?

If you are a person with a disability and require accommodation, please contact the Office of Residence Life at


Some Miscellaneous Questions

1. What kind of activities and student life is at the residence halls?

There are on-going activities and programming provided by the RA staff.

2. I thought someone told me a few weeks ago that this was an EHS building?

Although EHS does provide housing for students throughout the building, the building is not owned by EHS. All students have equal access to all facilities at the New Yorker.

John Jay College supports diversity and offers a residential experience with people of different backgrounds and cultures. The residence hall system does not discriminate on the basis of gender identity, race, culture, ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion or national origin.

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