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Christie Graziano
Office of Student Transition Programs 
New Building Room L2.70.01

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The Division of Student Affairs is excited to announce the launch of a new faculty-student engagement program sponsored by the Office of the Vice President. The Division of Student Affairs is dedicated to supporting the mission of the College and academic success of our students. Research indicates that engagement with faculty, outside the classroom, is a strong and positive contributor to retention. These interactions, when intentional and purposeful, help to strengthen students’ relationship to the College. With this spirit, we are initiating four funds for the upcoming academic year:

  1. The Faculty-Student Engagement Fund
  2. The Faculty-Student Lunch Program
  3. Departmental Engagement Funds (for Weeks of Welcome)
  4. The New York Philharmonic Concert Series

This initiative is paid for through your Student Activity Fee and with support from the Office of Student Life.

This fund will reimburse faculty members who host students at activities and events outside of the classroom. All members of the faculty, full time or adjunct, may be reimbursed for up to $250 per class. To utilize the fund, please submit a completed request form prior to the event, and submit original receipts upon completion to Christie Graziano in the Student Affairs Office. There is a limit of ONE fund per faculty member, per semester. For a list of suggested activities, please click here.

Faculty members who wish to take their students to lunch at the Faculty Dining Room may do so by utilizing a “Dine with Your Professor Coupon.” During the summer, the Faculty & Staff Dining Room is open between the hours of 12:00pm-2:00pm and is located in room 2.61 of the New Building. In order to participate, faculty should submit a “Dine with Your Professor Request Form”. Once approved, you will receive an email with a printable voucher valid for you and your students. Faculty should make a reservation by emailing aldana@mbjfoodservices.com to ensure a table is available to accommodate your group and present the voucher to the attendant at the Faculty Student Dining Room on the day of your reservation. There is a limit of 10 students per visit, per semester.

Four funds at $250 each will be available to Academic Departments who wish to organize and host an activity during Weeks of Welcome which is sponsored by the Office of Student Transition Programs. To utilize the fund, please submit a proposal to Rosann Santos-Elliot rsantos-elliott@jjay.cuny.edu. For a list of suggested activities we have hosted in past years, please click here.

Faculty members who wish to engage with their students outside of the classroom will have the opportunity to apply for tickets to a concert at the New York Philharmonic. There will be four concerts throughout the school year, and, prior to each there will be a “pre-concert event” held here at John Jay, where faculty and students will have the chance to meet with members of the Philharmonic and learn more about the program. Tickets are on a first come first serve basis and faculty members interested should send a request to cgraziano@jjay.cuny.edu stating how many students will be attending and which date they prefer. There is a limit of ONE concert per semester. Dates available are listed below:

Fall Semster

Fri. Oct. 25 – 8:00pmRavel/Penderecki/Mussorgsky with Charles Dutoit, conductor

Fri. Dec. 6 – 8:00pmAdes/Mozart/Mendelssohn OR Fri. Nov. 22 Britten anniversary program with Alan Gilbert (confirmation of dates to follow)

Spring Semester

Th. Apr. 3 – 7:30pmBritten/Bartok/Shostakovich with Pablo Heras Casado, conductor

Fri. May 9 – 8:00pmWebern/Berg/Beethoven with Bernard Haitink, conductor

  • A faculty member may apply for one fund per semester (you cannot apply for all 3).
  • At this time, faculty cannot be advanced funds for activities. Therefore:
    • Approved activities will be reimbursed with original receipts (for the Faculty –Student Engagement Fund and Weeks of Welcome Activities).
    • Arrangements will be made in advance for the Faculty- Student Lunch Program (Dine with a Professor) so there is no requirement for funds to be laid out, or reimbursed.
    • Applications and reimbursements must be submitted within the same semester as the activity.