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What is the Student Travel Program? 

The Student Travel Program provides students and student groups with funding to travel to conferences to enhance their professional and academic development. In addition, students can request funds for a John Jay College and/or City University of New York Study Abroad Program. The maximum contribution for an individual application is $1,500. The maximum contribution for a group application (4 or more students) is $5,000.

What is the Student Travel Committee (STC)?

The Student Travel Committee (STC) is comprised of students, faculty, and staff who review student applications. The STC members can approve the full-proposed amount, partial amount, or deny the entire application request of all applicants. The committee jurisdiction of approval only includes transportation, lodging, and registration fees. Per Diem for food is not compensated.

How do I know if I’m eligible to receive funding from the Student Travel Committee?

Undergraduate students with at least a 2.5 GPA who have completed at least 30 credits are eligible. Graduate students with at least a 3.0 GPA who have completed at least 12 credits are eligible. Transfer students in their first semester must submit an official transcript from their previous institution.

Will I be eligible to request funding from the Student Travel Committee if I don’t meet the credit requirements by the submission deadline?

No. All applicants must meet the credit requirements by the Student Travel Committee before any submission deadline.

Can I receive funding for more than one trip within an academic year?

No. Each applicant is eligible to attend one activity per academic year. If you are selected to attend an event as a group, you are not allowed to submit an application as an individual.

What happens if the Student Travel Committee approves me for an amount less than the total cost of the trip?

If the cost of the activity exceeds the amount approved, the individual is responsible for paying the remaining balance. The college will not be responsible for any remaining balance of the activity. The student must sign a commitment form with this packet agreeing to cover the balance.

Why do I have to provide proof of membership to a national organization prior to being approved by the Student Travel Committee?

The majority of professional national organizations require individuals to have membership in order to attend a conference or event. In addition, the majority of professional national organizations provide discounts and special offers to their members.

What happens if I’m scheduled to graduate prior to the date of my proposed activity?

You can’t attend the activity, except in the case of enrollment into another John Jay degree program. Failure to provide proof of enrollment into another John Jay degree program prior to date of the proposed activity will result in the student(s) being held liable for the expenses related to the trip.

What happens after I come back from my Student Travel Committee approved activity?

Upon completion of travel, all students are required to create a video (no more than 5 minutes) detailing their experience or a photo PowerPoint presentation with captions showing their overall experience. The presentation should reflect the benefit the travel has made to their John Jay College experience. The presentation must be submitted within two weeks after attendance at the event to with the subject line containing your first and last name and the phrase “Travel Presentation” (ex. Joe Smith Travel Presentation).

Are John Jay College doctoral students eligible for Student Travel funding?

No. Student Travel funding is derived from the student activity fee at John Jay College. The money collected from the student activity fee for John Jay College doctoral students transfers to the Graduate Center.