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Creation of the Student Travel Program

In March 2013, the Student Council 2012-2013 successfully implemented a referendum that increased the student activity fee after 25 years.  A student travel earmark was created as a part of the referendum to support student travel opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students to expand their horizons.  Funding provided for students to travel is not a new process in the City University of New York (CUNY).  However, this marks the first time in CUNY history where funding for student travel is specifically outlined as an earmark in the student activity fee.

In October 2013, the Student Travel Committee (STC) comprised of students, faculty, and staff formed and the Student Travel Program was launched.  The STC reviews student applications for funding and set policy guidelines for the Student Travel Program. 

Student Activity Fee 2013 Referendum

In accordance with the CUNY Board of Trustees Bylaws Section 16.12, a referendum was held in conjunction with student government elections on March 11- March 14, 2013. The vote on the referendum was 995 in favor and 617 opposed, with 11% of the eligible student body voting.  The 2013 Student Activity fee increase marks the third time in John Jay College history where voting members of the student body has supported a student activity fee increase.  The last student activity fee increase was in 1988.

The student activity fee pays for many extra and co-curricular activities dedicated to the social, professional, and cultural enhancement of all students at John Jay College.  Every single student pays a Student Activity fee.  

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