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Requesting Peer Ambassadors to work your on-campus event:

Peer Ambassadors are available to work on-campus events that promote the mission and vision of our program. Requests for Peer Ambassadors should be for events that assist in achieving our learning outcomes which are located on our homepage.  If you would like to submit a request for Peer Ambassadors, please fill out the Peer Ambassador Request Form. To allow for advanced recruitment it is critical to submit the Request Form at least one month prior to your event. 

Please note that the use of the services of the Peer Ambassadors will not be approved for the following tasks. This list is not comprehensive.

- Manual Labor such as setting up tables, moving heavy equipment, etc.
- Posting flyers
- Wait staff or standing behind buffet tables
- Major setup and cleanup of events. Certainly a light amount may be acceptable

Feel free to contact with further questions, concerns or specific requests.