Women Studying Abroad

Women Studying Abroad

Safety Issues for Women Traveling Abroad

Gender Abroad

Resources for women's safety issues abroad created by Northwestern University.

Journeywoman Online

Information for women travelers from women travelers; there is also a free e-mail newsletter you can subscribe to from this site. This site also provides guidance by country on culturally appropriate clothing.

Sexual Harassment And Prevention In College Students Studying Abroad

Article on sexual harassment while studying abroad; including women's experiences, causes, and ways to protect yourself and your personal space.

Transitions Abroad: Women Travel

A collection of first-hand articles, websites, and agencies by an award-winning, respected travel magazine.

Tips for Women Travelers

From Rick Steve's Travel Forum. Includes tips for women traveling to Europe, from women who traveled to Europe. Topics include packing, appropriate attire, safety, etc.

State Department: Women Travelers