Sustainability Council

Sustainability Council


As a member of Sustainable CUNY, John Jay College is committed to reducing its environmental footprint and preparing students for the sustainability challenges of the 21st century.  Through our Sustainability Council, academic programs and administration, we cultivate a culture of stewardship in which the entire community is aware of, engaged in, and committed to advancing environmental awareness, justice, and sustainable practices. 

The Sustainability Council develops strategies and actionable steps to incorporate sustainability into the following areas:  energy, water, transportation, procurement, recycling, sustainable nutrition and formal education. These efforts are complemented by extracurricular programs and events, student environmental clubs, as well as experiential problem-solving opportunities, hands-on internships and independent projects under the guidance of faculty, staff and the Sustainability Council. 


Lindsey Kayman, Chair, Environmental Health and Safety/Public Safety
Paul Bartlett, Economics Faculty
Anthony Bracco, Facilities Management
Jeffrey Brown, Theater and Event Services
Kathleen Collins, Library Faculty
Mark Flower, Budget and Planning
Joan Hoffman, Economics Faculty
Gerald Markowitz, History Faculty
Karen Okamoto, Library Faculty
John Pittman, Philosophy Faculty and PSC
Milena Popov, Art and Music Faculty
Diego Redondo, Public Safety
Rama Sudhakar, Marketing and Development.
Sandra Swenson, Science Faculty
Dyncie Valdez, HEOs
Declan Walsh, Community Outreach & Service Learning

Student Members

           Selina Li (Spring 2019)
            Mussarat Lamia (Spring 2019)
Previous Student Members

Selina Li (Fall 2018)
Shannon Jensen (Spring 2017)
Julian Useche  (Fall and Spring 2017)
Fatime Uruci (Fall 2017)
Melanie Dominguez (Fall 2016)
Jillian Horrocks (Fall 2016)
Diana Kochkaareva (spring 2016)
Kristin Craig (spring 2016)
Amanda Lopez (fall 2015)