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 Mission Statement 

 Fire departments across the country as well as globally are pre­paring for new high risk situations while striving to maintain basic preparedness. The mission of The Fire Science Institute is to help profes­sionals in the firefighting/security fields meet new daily challenges while continuing preparations to prevent the next potential disaster. The Fire Science Institute believes that fire safety education by fire professionals is the only approach to educating our clients through the efforts of our exceptional faculty and staff. Since the Fire Science Institute is part of the world renowned John Jay College of Criminal Justice, we have unlimited resources so that we may provide the superior training that our clients have come to expect.


Specialized programs are developed for public and private agencies which include the Fire Safety Directors Program for high rise buildings, hotels, and hospitals;  Emergency Action Plan Directors program for existing Fire Safety Directors under Local Law 26. This is a statute requiring emergency action plans for non-fire related emergencies in Group B buildings. The  Fire  Science Institute also provides training for the F-80 Coordinator of Fire Safety & Alarm Systems in Homeless Shelters; and the Building Operation, Maintenance, and Recordkeeping Program.  

In addition, The Fire Science Institute has put together programs that have included test preparation for the written and physical Firefighters exam for Fire Department, City of New York; The FDNY's cadet training program, and a program integrating college students into the fire service. Should you need a customized program designed specifically for your business, please contact Victoria Pitcavage.

Victoria Pitcavage,
555 West 57 Street, Room 612, NY, NY 10019
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