Telecommunications maintains the College's Phonemail, telephone system, handles repairs to damaged telephone equipment, and completes any moves, adds or changes to staff and department extensions. It also maintains the online and printed directories for the faculty and staff.

Global Voicemail Procedure

To send a global voice mail to the entire campus please follow the instructions below:

1. Send an email to the helpdesk at - it should contain the message you want to broadcast word for word with an explanation of what it is    for.

2. The helpdesk will get the proper authorization and notify you by phone or email, depending on the way you ask us to contact you.

3. once you receive authorization you can post the message following these directions:

  • dial 8537–from inside John Jay College
  • 1-212-237-8537–from outside John Jay College
  • leave message and hang up

After you post your message, call extension 8200 or email the helpdesk at and we will broadcast the message.

Please note:
Messages should be brief and to the point (max 75 words). Messages will be broadcast only after proper authorization is attained by our telecommunications department. The time it takes to broadcast a message will vary.

Telephone System Video Clips

Voice Mail

Basic Telephone

Transferring Calls

Non Display

Advanced Functions

Voicemail for Adjunct Faculty

The John Jay Department of Information Technology (DoIT) sought and was awarded a Microsoft grant which has been used to provide adjunct faculty with a unique college phone number and voicemail. In spite of the lack of adjunct office space and phones, this project provides voicemail for all adjuncts that is delivered directly to their college email account. As voicemail is integrated with their email inbox checking messages for each adjunct is as simple as checking their email. In this way other faculty, staff and students have an additional channel through which to communicate with adjuncts that does not involve leaving a message on a general departmental number or shared phone. When coupled with listing each adjunct’s unique John Jay number in the college phone directory this system provides a more streamlined for adjunct voice communication. Click here for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 New Building Telephone Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

Non Display Phone pamphlet (PDF)

Display Phone (PDF)

 Voicemail for Part Time Faculty - FAQ (PDF)

John Jay College Policies and Procedures Compendium (Inside John Jay)


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