Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) – Formerly IRB

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Carina M. Quintian
HRPP Coordinator 

BMW Room 606.02
Office Hours:
9:30 am to 5:00 pm.
Telephone: (212) 237-8961



A study conducted by faculty, staff and students that is designed to develop or contribute to generalizable knowledge and involves obtaining information from or about living individuals, the project requires advance UI IRB approval. All the applications are available by using IRBNet.

How to Register in IRBNET

Click on the IRBNet webpage to start the process.

How to Upload and submit your Training and Credentials
• How to Create a New Study and Submit in IRBNET
• How to Create Subsequent Packages for Continuing Review, Amendments
Researcher Manual for Using IRBNet

Checklist to assist you in submitting the Correct Forms

– Human Subject Research Determination Request
New Exempt Human Subject Study 
New Human Subject Study 
Continuing Review Request 
Amendment Request 

NEW informed consent templates which are to be used for new studies submitted for IRB review:

Informed Consent Document
– Oral or Internet Based Informed Consent Script
– Screening Script Template
– Adolescent (Age 13-17) and Parental Permission for Child Form
– Child Assent Template (Ages 7-12)
– Parental Permission Template (Ages 7-12)

Guidance and Development of the Informed Consent
– Informed Consent Process and Documentation Tip Sheet
– CUNY HRPP Guidance: Informed Consent Document and Development
CUNY HRPP Guidance: Suggested Language for Informed Consent Documents

You can also visit the CUNY HRPP Policies, procedures and Guidelines 

CITI Training

If you have not yet completed the online training follow these instructions:

1. Log-in (or register if you are a first-time user)
2. Click on “Add a course or update your learner groups”
3. Select the curriculum which you would like to complete:

CITI Training in the Protection of Human Subjects

Human Subjects Protection Basic Course
All CUNY faculty members, postdoctoral scholars, graduate and undergraduate students involved in human subjects research as key personnel must complete the Basic Course in the protection of human subjects prior to Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval of their protocol. Certificate of completion of the basic course is valid for three years

Human Subjects Research Refresher Course
Key personnel of human subjects’ research protocols must complete a refresher course every three years.
CITI Training in the Protection of Human Subjects

You can also visit the CUNY Research Compliance – HRPP webpage.