Intensive Tutoring Program for the CUNY Assessment Test (ITP)


IMPORTANT UPDATE:  The Fall 2012 semester is the last time ITP will be offered.  ITP will be available only for students who still need to pass Part Two (elementary algebra) of the CUNY Assessment Test in Mathematics (CAT-M).  ITP is no longer available to students who need to retake Part One of the CAT-M.  Students who have not yet passed Part One of the CAT-M should contact Enrollment Management to discuss their options.


Eligible students are generally those students who need to pass the CAT-M and are not eligible to register for the corresponding remedial math course (MATH 100 for CAT-M1, MATH 103 for CAT-M2).  Usually these are students who have already taken the course twice, or who cannot register due to a testing stop related to the CAT-M.  In the Fall 2012 semester, eligibility requirements have been relaxed to accommodate all students who still need to retake Part Two of the CAT-M.  Please contact Manuel Chaparro in the MSRC to determine your eligibility.


ITP participants will participate in a minimum of 24 one-on-one tutoring appointments with MSRC tutors.  Attendance requirements are strictly enforced.  Course materials will be provided, and homework will be assigned at the end of each tutoring session, to be completed by the start of the next session.  In addition, participants will be provided with an access code for web-based tutorial.  The online assessment test must be completed prior to the first tutoring session.  Based on the assessment test, a personalized study plan will be developed, including additional online homework assignments.  All homework assignments-- those assigned by the tutorial software and by the tutors-- must be completed in a timely fashion.  Homework requirements are strictly enforced.  Upon completion of all program requirements, participants will receive a testing pass and must contact the Testing Office to schedule a time to retake the CAT-M within a designated timeframe. 


To register for ITP, please contact the center coordinator, Manuel Chaparro, at or 212-237-8969.  You will need to meet with Mr. Chaparro to go over program requirements, sign a contract, and select dates and times for your tutoring appointments.  Please check the News & Announcements page of the MSRC web site for relevant deadlines.  Please note that ITP deadlines are strictly enforced.

Last updated 8/20/2012