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Myself Third Program: Spirit of New York Scholarship

The Myself Third: Spirit of New York Scholarship competition was established in 2002 as a tribute to the idealism and spirit of those who participated in the rescue effort following the World Trade Center tragedy. The scholarships, made possible through a generous gift by City College alumnus Robert Friedman, seek to encourage and reward civic involvement of high school students. Myself Third promotes the ideals of character, leadership and service, and it honors college-bound students who engage in ongoing social action and volunteerism.

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College Now is a FREE, comprehensive collaborative initiative between the City University of New York and the New York City Department of Education. Through the active involvement of the colleges within the University system, the program promotes high standards of academic achievement for New York City public high school students.

College Now is here to insure that students meet and exceed the performance standards required for high school graduation and to pursue post-secondary study. By taking college credit courses, students save money and earn college credit while attending high school.  The aim of the program is to prepare students for college enrollment. Students participating in the program are offered tuition-free college level courses, free books and supplies.


  • This is a FREE program to enhance the effect of high school instruction in basic skills
  • Introduce students to the rigors and responsibilities of college life
  • Assist high school students in developing the personal values and academic skills necessary to survive and to succeed.