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Special courses at the high school
John Jay’s College Now Program works closely with partnership high schools to design programs that enable students to develop their academic and personal potential. Participating high schools may offer college credit and/or high school courses at their respective campuses.

Beacon High School

French 101 Introductory French I (3-credits):A basic course in the French language with an emphasis on oral and written communication, reading, and the customs and cultures of French speaking countries.

French 102 Introductory French II (3-credits) Completion of French 102 enables the student to speak, comprehend, read, and write French on a basic level.

Brooklyn Community HS of Communication, Art & Media

• College Awareness Teen Issue-Activism & Leadership (High School Course)

• Hip Hop and the Classics (Workshop)

• Brownsville Academy
• Edward A. Reynolds West Side

• FDNY High School for Fire and Life Safety
• Edward A. Reynolds West Side
• High School for Environmental Studies
• High School for Law, Advocacy and Community Justice
• High School of Arts and Technology
• High School of Graphics and Communication Arts

Professional Performing Arts

Sociology 101 (3-credits): Introductory Sociology: Sociological Analysis. The study of modern society: social groups, social organization, process of interaction, society disorganization, and change. Such topics as deviant behavior, social control, ethnic and class relations.

Think College Now (Workshop)

• Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice
• Urban Assembly School for Media Studies

Vanguard High School

English 101 (3-credits): College Composition I. The fundamentals of composition, including sentence and paragraph development, diction, style. Examination of essay structure and development. Assigned themes introducing such rhetorical forms as description, comparison and contrast, cause and effect, argumentation.

Hip Hop and the Classics (High School Course)

Think College Now (Workshop)

• William C. Bryant