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John Jay’s College Now Program is designed to meet the diverse academic needs and interests of high school students.  Admission requirements vary depending on the program and type of course.  It is important for students to have a good high school attendance record and be recommended to the program by their College Now Liaison.  

1. Requirements 1-Credit Course:
To qualify for a one-credit course, students must have an English Regents test score between 55-74 or have a minimum high school average of 70.

2. Requirements for 3-Credit Courses
Students interested in taking college credit courses must demonstrate skills certification in reading, writing, and mathematics.

A. In Mathematics
Math A or Math II or III Regents       75   
Math section of the SAT               480   
Math section on the PSAT               50                

B. In English and Reading
English Language Arts Regents        75   
Verbal section of the SAT               480
Verbal section of the PSAT               50

All Students Are Required To Submit:

• A copy of your high school transcript 
• SAT Scores and/or 
• PSAT Scores