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In Students' Words

"Both professors were excellent. Having the same classmates made communication easier and the entire atmosphere comfortable."
—Student in LC17 CHE&MAT

"I enjoyed the connection between classes. I also learned very much from our visits to museums and galleries."
—Student in LC04 ART&ENG

"Both teachers were funny. They taught in interesting ways. This grabbed my attention and I learned a lot."
—Student in LC11 PHI&ENG

What is a First Year Learning Community?
A First Year Learning Community (LC) links two courses through shared themes, activities, and assignments. Instead of enrolling in two separate courses, you take the classes together with the same students, all of whom are entering freshmen. In addition, the two professors work closely together to plan the syllabus, design the assignments, and ensure that what you learn in one class is relevant to what you learn in the other class.

Why take LC classes?
Smaller class size
Form friendships and study groups
Work with outstanding professors
Explore John Jay and New York City
Learn more, learn in different ways

Fall 2014 Learning Communities