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There are several scholarships available to students beginning their freshman year at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Each scholarship requires minimum criteria to apply for the award.  Generally, three areas in which students may have excelled are of particular importance:

  • Academic excellence exhibited by a high SAT I score, high school average, New York State Regents or school ranking.
  • Leadership qualities exhibited through participation in honor societies, school activities, club membership and political involvement.
  • Public service accomplishments acknowledged through documentation of any community volunteering.

Students who are active and successful in these three areas and can provide documented proof of his or her past and present achievements will have much greater chances of winning one or even several scholarships.

MySelf Third Scholarship
The program awards $4,000 scholarships to help students defray the costs of matriculating at one of the colleges of the City University of New York.

The scholarship competition is open to high school seniors who are enrolled in or have completed at least one course or workshop in the University’s College Now program. College Now, a collaboration between The City University of New York and New York City public high schools, is intended to foster higher levels of achievement for all participating high school students. College Now currently operates in more than 300 high schools in all five boroughs and across the 17 colleges of The City University of New York.

To apply, students must have completed at least 50 hours of service in their community and/or school within 1 year of application.  An application packet that includes the following must be submitted for consideration:

  • a teacher or counselor recommendation (supplemental letter from a volunteer supervisor is strongly encouraged),
  • a high school transcript
  • a description of work, volunteer and extra-curricular activities highlighting past or current leadership roles
  • an essay (minimum 500 words) in which the student defines his/her understanding of civic service and describes a personal experience that illustrates commitment of service to others.

For College Now Participants
This scholarship was established by City College alumnus Robert Friedman.  Mr. Friedman established the program in tribute to the altruism of 9-11 Rescue Workers.  The purpose of the program is to encourage and reward civic involvement of high school graduates whose individual acts of concern and solidarity inspire pride and citizenship and a sense of community. 

The Justice Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded each year to five entering freshmen who exemplify perseverance and dedication in pursing a public service career.  This award was established in the spring of 2002 by Princeton University to honor the memory of the public heroes of September 11th who received their training at John Jay College. Five scholarships are awarded to entering freshmen that meet the following criteria: Minimum of an 1140 SAT1    score, or a score of 90 on the NYS English and Math A Regents.  The $2,000 is to be awarded in two installments.  The first installment of the scholarship is paid prior to the beginning of the fall semester and the second installment at the end of the spring semester.  All scholarships shall be renewable so that award winners may receive up to four annual awards, provided that they remain enrolled as full-time students, while maintaining a minimum 3.5 cumulative index.

To apply go to, click on John Jay Undergraduate Scholarships to download the application.

Entering Freshman Scholarship Early Commitment
This scholarship intends to attract students to John Jay College who have excellent academic skills. Applicants must have been accepted by June 1st of the year as full-time matriculated freshman without any additional previous college experience (College Now or AP credits are not included). Highest SAT1 and ACT scores are considered only and students must file an application.  Applicants are also required to write a one-paragraph essay explaining how they will use the scholarship award in the amount of $1,000. Five scholarships are available each year and recipients will be determined by a committee.

To apply go to, click on John Jay Undergraduate Scholarships to download the application.

New York City Merit Scholarship
Students who have graduated from a New York City high school within a year of enrolling in a college in The City University of New York system will have their high school academic records evaluated to determine whether they have at least a CAA of 80 and 12 CPI units.  Students must file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  The award amount each year is dependent on the program appropriation in the annual City budget.  At the time of publication the award was $650.00 per semester.  Students must also meet program eligibility requirements.

Students are required to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  To apply for FAFA go to

John Jay College Honors Program
The Honors Program is an innovative approach to the development of research practitioners at the onset of the student’s college career.  Each fall semester approximately forty entering freshman are selected for entrance into the program.

The concept of “justice” is the foundational theme of the program.  A core aspect of the interdisciplinary honors curriculum is the opportunity for students to examine various topics dealing with crime, social istinguished Faculty of the College teach the Honors Program classes in a seminar style with doctoral students serving as teaching assistants, role models and student mentors to the freshman scholars.  The objective of the Program is to give the scholars an opportunity to develop over the course of their college experience original research and to present their findings at national conferences.   Students in the Honors Program are awarded $250.00 book stipends per semester as well as opportunities to attend free cultural events.

The selection process for entering first-year students is designed to balance objective data as class rank, NYS Regents and SAT scores with personal interests and accomplishments, which require qualitative judgment.  The minimum qualifications for the program include:

  • A high school average of approximately 90 percent,
  • or a standing in the top 10 percent of the graduating class
  • or a combined SAT I score of 1140 or a score of 90 on the NYS Math A and English Regents.
  • A written essay of 500 words
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • An interview

Students selected for the Honors Program complete 18 to 24 credits of Honors work.  Twelve to eighteen of the credits may be earned in special Honors sections of courses that fulfill components of the College’s general distribution requirements.  Other Honors credits may be earned in independent study courses, internships, and laboratory research with the approval of the program’s coordinator.   The official transcript and diploma will record their accomplishments.

To apply go to, click on John Jay Undergraduate Scholarships to download the application.