Center Policies All Students Must Know


If you schedule an appointment, you are expected to attend. Students who have missed four appointments are barred from scheduling additional appointments in advance for the remainder of the semester.  Tutoring services for these students are available on a walk-in basis only and are contingent upon tutor availability. Please be aware that it can be very difficult to consistently receive tutoring services on a walk-in basis because of the high demand for tutoring.

If you cannot attend an appointment, you should cancel the appointment as far in advance as possible by calling the center or logging on to TutorTrac.  If you do not attend and you fail to cancel before the appointment starts, it will count as a missed appointment.

Please be on time. If you are more than ten minutes late for an appointment, you risk losing your seat to a walk-in. Once your seat is lost, it is lost. We do not overload appointments to accommodate students who arrive late. In addition, if you are more than 30 minutes late for your appointment, your tutor may decline to see you at their own discretion, in which case the appointment will be counted as missed.

When you arrive for an appointment, be sure to check in at the deskIt is your responsibility to make sure you are signed in for all of your sessions so your appointment history will be accurate. Some instructors request a list of their students who came for tutoring, so making sure your appointment history is accurate and complete has the potential to impact your grade.  When you arrive for an appointment, be sure to check in at the desk.

If you need proof that you came for tutoring, you or your instructor should log on to TutorTrac to view your appointment history.  You may also request a printout from the center director or coordinator.  This is the only proof of tutoring that we provide. Tutors will not sign notes or forms of any kind.


Communication from the center goes to your John Jay email account. You are required to check your email regularly if you are using any center services.  If you are having difficulty accessing your John Jay email account, please call the Helpdesk at (212) 237-8200.


Individual tutoring is available only to students participating in MAP, the AS Program, or upon the written request of the Office of Accessibility Services.  All other tutoring is offered in small groups of up to two students per session.  Tutors will not accept additional students into a session that is already full under any circumstances except by permission of the center director.

For MAP program policies, click here.

The AS Program provides one-on-one tutoring upon request to students who are enrolled in an associate degree program at the college and who are currently registered for a math or science course covered by tutoring at the MSRC.  AS students who would like one-on-one tutoring should visit the center and ask for a supervisor. 


Tutors do not help students directly with assignments that will be turned in for a grade. Your grades must reflect your own work, not the work of a tutor. If you have a graded homework assignment, take-home exam, lab report, etc., your tutor will be happy to work with you on similar material to help you master the concepts and skills so you can complete your graded assignment on your own. Once the grade has been assigned, you may bring the assignment in for help from a tutor. For example, you are strongly encouraged to bring graded exams in so you can work with a tutor on the problems you missed to help you prepare for a cumulative final exam.


If you have received a tutoring referral from your instructor or your instructor requires/rewards attendance at tutoring, you are expected to stay the entire hour in order to receive credit for attending. If you only have a few questions of your own, try working with the tutor on additional similar problems, having the tutor quiz you on your class notes to check your understanding, reviewing older material, or previewing material that is coming up soon. If you’re not earning an A on every test, there is definitely more work you could be doing with a tutor!


You may schedule appointments up to three weeks in advance.  For best results, please plan ahead.  In order to get an appointment during times of peak demand, you may need to be on campus earlier or later than you usually are, or on a day you don’t usually come. If your schedule is very tight and you don’t have that kind of flexibility, you should schedule your tutoring appointments farther in advance to get the dates and times you need. This is especially important for students in courses with mandatory/incentivized tutoring and those who have been referred by their instructor.


Eating and drinking in the center is a privilege, not a right.  Under no circumstances may you eat or drink in the computer lab.


Cell phone use is not permitted anywhere in the center. If you must use your phone, please do so in the hallway.


This is an academic computing lab. Students are not permitted to access Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, Hulu, or any other recreational web sites from this lab.  Computers are available in the 4th floor elevator lobby for recreational use.  Also, please note that the center staff does not provide technical support. If you need assistance operating a computer or using standard software, please use the large lab downstairs in room L2.72.00 NB, where technical support is available. If you are having trouble with course-specific software, please contact the publisher or your instructor.

You must have a valid John Jay student username and password to log in to computers in this lab and to release print jobs at the print station.  If you have not logged on lately, you may need to reset your password before you can use the lab.


You must surrender your John Jay ID card or a valid driver's license or state ID in order to check out a resource.  You may check out one book per ID.  Materials checked out of the resource library are due back before the close of business the same day. Under no circumstances may you take a book out overnight. If you do not return an item on time, you may be barred from future borrowing, and a hold may be placed on your registration.  

Please note that the center’s resource library is not intended to be a substitute for buying your own books. You are responsible for purchasing all required reading materials for your classes.


The MSRC is primarily a place for tutoring and quiet study.  Students are welcome to use the study tables to study in groups; however, you are required to keep your voice down to library level at all times.  Students who disrupt the quiet of the center will be asked to leave.   


The Math & Science Resource Center expects those who use our services to respect the rights of others and to follow center policies. Responsible conduct is required at all times.  All students are required to comply with center policies and the instructions of center staff.  Individuals who fail to do so may be asked to leave the center and may lose their center privileges permanently.   Individuals who violate center policies and/or engage in unacceptable conduct such as loud or disruptive behavior, verbal abuse, physical abuse, or refusal to comply with requests from members of the staff may lose their center privileges and/or be subject to disciplinary action by the college.

Last updated 01/02/2015