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Gender Studies Program
John Jay College of Criminal Justice 
524 West 59th Street, Room L68.15
New York, NY  10019  

Katie Gentile, Director


Bachelor of Arts in Gender Studies
Gender is one of the most fundamental organizing principles of individual lives and social, political and religious structures, yet is often the least examined.  Gender Studies places ideas about masculinity, femininity, and sexuality at the center of inquiry in order to understand how gender influences life and opportunities at the biological, social/cultural, and representational level.  Courses in the major are interdisciplinary and encompass humanities, sciences, and social sciences.  Students who major in Gender Studies learn to look at problems from multiple angles using different methods of discovery.  As such, they develop strong skills in critical problem solving, research, data collection, and writing.  Gender Studies graduates go on to a wide variety of careers in the arts, business, education, health care, media, politics, law, public policy and social work.

Minor in Gender Studies
A minor in Gender Studies is a significant complement to an undergraduate degree in Forensic Psychology, Criminal Justice, Justice Studies or another subject, signaling to future employers and graduate schools that you have
deep understanding of gender patterns, dynamics, and biases that can enhance the accuracy and scope of work in many fields.  Minors must complete 18 credits in Gender Studies approved courses.  Students minoring in Gender Studies can receive 3 credits toward the minor if they do an internship in a gender-related field.