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Gender Studies Program
John Jay College of Criminal Justice 
524 West 59th Street, Room L68.15
New York, NY  10019  

Katie Gentile, Director

Credits required. 18

Coordinator. Professor Katie Gentile, Department of Counseling, (212.237.8110,

PART I. REQUIRED COURSES             Subtotal: 6 credits

GEN 101 Introduction to Gender Studies

GEN 205 Gender and Justice

PART II. ELECTIVES                             Subtotal: 12 credits

Choose at least one course from EACH of the following areas. At least one must be at the 300-level or above.

Category A. U.S. and/or Global Ethnic/Racial Gender and Sexual Diversity

Select at least one

COR 320 Race, Class & Gender in a Correctional Context

GEN 255 The Biology of Gender and Sexuality

GEN 356/HIS 356 Sexuality, Gender and Culture in Muslim Societies

GEN 364/HIS 364 The History of Sexuality and Gender

LLS 265/HIS 265 Class, Race, and Family in Latin American History

LLS 255 The Latin American Woman

Category B. Art, Media, Literary and Cultural Representations of Gender and Sexuality

Select at least one

ART 222 Body Politics and Art in Global and Historical Perspectives

ART 224 African American Women in Art

LIT 316 Gender and Identity in Literature

DRA 243 Black Female Sexuality in Film

DRA 245 Women in Theatre

GEN 333/PHI 333 Theories of Gender and Sexuality

Category C. Socio-Political and Economic Systems and Gender & Sexuality

Select at least one

AFR 248 Men: Masculinities in the United States

ANT/PSY/SOC 210 Sex and Culture

CRJ 420/SOC 420 Women and Crime

CSL 360 Gender and Work Life

ECO 327 Political Economy of Gender

POL 237 Women and Politics

POL 318 The Law and Politics of Sexual Orientation

POL 319 Gender and the Law

PSC 235 Women in Policing

SOC 215 Social Control and Gender: Women in American Society

SOC 333 Gender Issues in International Criminal Justice

                                                                                                Total credits: 18