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Peter Romaniuk
Assistant Professor
Department of Political Science
John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY
p: 212-237 8189
e: promaniuk@jjay.cuny.edu

Homeland Security Club

The purpose of the Homeland Security Club is to provide a dynamic forum for students to develop their intellectual and career interests in the diverse operational and policy fields that comprise homeland security.

Welcome!  The John Jay Homeland Security Network is a one-stop shop for information on teaching, research, news, events and extra-curricular activities at John Jay, across the diverse fields that comprise homeland security. John Jay has longstanding expertise in these areas. Our faculty are engaged in research to help diagnose homeland security threats and vulnerabilities, and formulate robust responses.

 Click on the links [to the right] for a list of research centers, projects, grants and individual faculty webpages, comprising scholarship at the heart of homeland security debates. John Jay attracts students interested in gaining knowledge and advancing careers in homeland security. The links provide an overview of the kinds of courses, academic programs and departments,  that will help train the next generation of homeland security specialists.

 Outside of the classroom, John Jay's student club on homeland security organizes speakers, site visits and seminars  providing a forum for students to develop their intellectual and career interests in homeland security. In turn, John Jay alumni can be found in many local, state and federal agencies, as well as international organizations and private sector firms, active in the domains of homeland security. In sum, this website will be of interest to those within the John Jay community, and those beyond it, interested in knowing more about the many ways in which John Jay is a leader in homeland security education and research.