Health and Physical Education Minor

Description. The minor in Health and Physical Education provides coursework that students may use to improve their personal health and physical fitness in conjunction with career preparation. It is designed to promote healthy lifestyle habits through the study and application of the wellness principles of nutrition, physical fitness, and stress management, as well as the acquisition of physical activity skills.

Rationale. This program combined with other general education areas of study fosters an understanding of the need to maintain healthy lifestyles. By combining interdisciplinary studies with health and physical education principles this minor prepares students for healthy lifestyles within their career choices.

Credits. 18-19

Minor coordinator. Professor Vincent Miorino, Department of Health and Physical Education (212.237.8323,

Requriements. A maximum of two courses can overlap with a student's major, other minors or programs.

PART ONE. REQUIRED COURSES                                        Subtotal: 9 credits

PED 103 Personal Physical Fitness and Dynamic Health
PED 110 Personal & Public Health: Social Contexts, Private Choices
PED 300Community Programs for Health, Wellness, and Physical Activity

PART TWO. ACTIVITY COURSES                                          Subtotal: 3 credits

Select three

Students are limited to one aquatics and one defensive tactics course toward fulfilling requirements for the minor.

PED 104 Cardiovascular Fitness
PED 109 Water Aerobics and Basic Survival Skills 
PED 111 Aquatics I: Beginner Swimming 
PED 112 Aquatics II: Intermediate Swimming 
PED 114 Aquatics III: Advanced Swimming 
PED 120-130 Intercollegiate Athletics Participation 
PED 133 Introduction to Boxing 
PED 143 Karate I 
PED 144 Karate II 
PED 145 Self Defense 
PED 150 Tennis I 
PED 155 Golf I 
PED 166 Yoga I 
PED 168 Weight Training and Body Development 
PED 177 Physical Fitness for Law Enforcement

PART THREE. ELECTIVES                                                     Subtotal: 6-7 credits

Select two

ANT 110/SOC 110 Drug Use and Abuse 
ANT 224/PHI 224//PSY 224/SOC 224 Death, Dying and Society: A Life Crises Management Issue 
ENV 108 Principles of Environmental Science or SCI 112 Environmental Science: A Focus on Sustainability 
PED 180/PSY 180 Stress Management 
PED 185 Health Issues in Uniformed Services 

Total: 18-19 credits